How do you like your Coffee?

wm-frontWhen, people ask me “How I like my coffee?”

I usually respond with one of the following-

  • Black like my people.
  • Black like my metal.
  • Black like my comedy.
  • Black like the faint gleam of light that clouds my mind.

WHAO! That last one got a little toooooo poetic! Sorry, I’ll keep the blackness hidden within the bosom of my soul to myself! AH! I did it again!

I guess what they say is true. “Once you go black. You never go Half & Half”.

So, how do you like your coffee world?

Joke of the Day, Chocolate and Coffee

My two favorite things are everyone’s two favorite things- milk and sugar. Because let’s face it, nobody with the exception of me, like their chocolate like they like their coffee, dark and bitter like today’s Comedians.

I love Mocha, the best thing ever. But without some cream and sugar, it’s like drinking a radish. I call it liquid potato.

I wonder what would happen if we started facing worldwide chocolate and coffee shortages? I don’t think our military is strong enough to juggle a war between Isis and Iced Coffee.

The Authors Personal Book Shelf

This is the Personal Book Shelf of Jordan Dumer, writer and owner of Open the Vox and Opened Vox Publishing.



Books on Shelf: Great Mysteries of the Unexplained, The Elemental Encyclopedia of the Psychic World, Ritual and Belief, The Sacred Teachings of All Ages, The Hermetica, The I Ching, The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, The Kabbalah, Goethe’s Faust, The Divine Comedy with Illustrations by William Blake, The Complete Prose and Writing of William Blake, Utopia and New Atlantis, Prometheus Rising, Think and Grow Rich, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Comedy Writing Secrets, The Heart of Darkness



Books on Shelf: Mysteries of the Past, Confuscious Analytics, Plato’s Five Great Dialouges, Aristotles Poetics, Beowulf, Think like di Vinci, The Complete Plays of Shakespeare, The Brothers Karamazov, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Kwaidan, Brave New World, The Complete Stories of HP Lovecraft, Night Shift, Books of Blood, Writing Tools, Enlightened Leadership, Who Rules the World?, Stephen King On Writing.



The Best that Money can’t Buy, Theories for Everything, The Oxford History of Music Vol. 1 Ancient and Oriental Music, 1001 Movies You Must See before you Die, The Gaelic Wars, The Complete Kama Sutra, The Last of the Mahicans, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Fahrenheit 451, A Confederacy of Dunces, Falling Up, The Comedy Bible, The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Treasure Island, Poems of Robert Frost   


The Night Sky

While outside on this beautiful night
looking up at the sky
wondering why
the constellations keep floating by?

Then I realized the reason why;
they are aircraft a flight
little helicopters hovering array
military jets soaring away.

They keep painting the canvas tonight
the human made aircraft shining bright
as the city saturates the sky with its lights
the light pollution keeps the universe out of sight.

Yet, we preserve this modern life,
we harvest phosphorescent energy like spice
as we wash away the skies
I see only mankind tonight.

What is Censorship coming too? We Used to burn people at the stake, now we just stone them to poverty with hate mail until their current employer gets them fired.

It’s weird we fight for censorship after being martyred by kings and priests for free speech.

I came across an article on my twitter feed that talks about how outrage mail is pouring in over the stabbing of the Trump-like character in a New York Central Park production of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar. The Twitter feed included a link to a BostonGlobe article

I wrote how this is the probably the most out lash this production has had since Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre Production back in the ’30s. But the Hitler character portrayed in that production didn’t die although the Fuer was a little butt hurt over the whole idea.

I will admit that out of all the plays produced by Shakespeare that was it a coincidence that the most politically edgy play was performed during the largest presidential witch hunt in American history? Are the Liberal Intellectual Elite trying to say please kill President Trump? If so, that type of mob violence is only going to backfire and force further censorship.

However why don’t conservatives write a play and perform that play showing the positive side to Trump’s character instead of writing hate mail and performing a childlike tantrum? What has this become Right Wing America? Are you now competing with Liberals over whose more easily offended by arts imitation of life? That work of art displays an uncomfortable aspect of reality.

The Liberal Intellectual Elite have pushed too far lately. Where were you when we needed you? During the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George Bush. Where was the witch hunt back then? Why are people taking Trump’s presidency as seriously as a Gilbert Godfrey joke?

The Presidential witch hunt for Donald Trump has pushed our country into chaos. We had our chance with Al Gore but no one put the effort into the corruption behind that campaign. I mean this isn’t even a witch hunt. This is people trying to do to Trump and to the Shakespearean fesbian lesbians what they do to people what Trump does to people all the time on Twitter. It’s a joke worse than any joke Kramer said during a live performance.

Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.