The Future of Drugs

I believe the drugs of the future aren’t going to be chemicals like MDMA and LSD. It’s going to be an implant in your brain’s central nervous system with a plug in on the forehead that connects to the USB of your computer. People are going to be upset because it’s going to cost the same as a PlayStation 12….


Regardless, you’ll be able to download the ecstasy app for windows that releases all the serotonin and dopamine in your brain all at once. You’ll be floatin’ I tell you what. Then they’ll come out with a app that allows you to use 100% of your brain instead of the normal 40% and you’ll become consciousness in the form of pure light escaping your body.


You’ll become pure energy connected with the universal consciousness. You will become pure and whole for the first time. And then your parents will walk in and unplug you; as Mom hands you a lifetime subscription to a website called and your dad his password to his Microbrewery app. Lecture you on the dangers of escaping from reality, tell you to quit being a weirdo and too find a fu*kn’ job!


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