Hairy Women


“mmmmm. Afro-dite. Just pretend it’s a jungle and you’re a deep cavern spelunker”.

What’s with all this baby smooth skin these days?; with hair remover treatments that look like something out of James Bond! Look at the Neanderthals back in the 70’s! John Travolta had a full chest fro. And, Chewbacca was often mistaken for Burnt Reynolds…


A Long, long time ago…All the ladies wanted Chewbacca’s junk..

Now, ladies; do you still think shaving’s the game changer? No. Speaking for myself. I’ll creep through that tall grass. Besides, once you make it through the jungle; their’s a moist cavern waiting  for me to explore it!


In essence, people will breed no matter if your body looks like a dogs ass or a domesticated pig hove. End of story.


mmmm. gotta love dat Wild Passion Fruit!

I would also like to thank The European Union for your united love of the hairy pussy. Its been in your minds all week. But no judgement. Personally, I like: The Fuzzy Peach and have even learned to appreciate the Prickly Pear.

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