Six Hilariously Self-helpful Do’s and Don’t

  • Remain Positive. When life keeps kicking you in the nuts- you sell your own brand of peanut butter. I go nuts by starting a cemetery on fire. But I guess we all have our coping mechanisms.
  • Build Confidence. I like to think I’m really good at something without actually building the skill through experience. That way when I actually get around to doing it. I don’t realize how little effort I put into it. It’s hit and miss. Put your dues in and you’ll start building the right confidence because you’ll be experiencing the results.
  • Don’t over think it. My over thoughts usually lead to conspiracy theories. Yes, its the government-not my head so far up my ass I can hear the ocean. Make the changes- not relive the mistakes.
  • First Impressions are everything. I like to let myself go a couple of weeks before a big date or job interview. You know- not shave in a month, bath myself in cheap cologne for a week, eat lots of garlic and onions while smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking some coffee. I show up wearing sweat pants with pizza stains and a sweat stained t-shirt. If they can tolerate me. I know I’ve found myself a keeper. But, don’t be like me by keeping everything you do professional.
  • Never give up. I wrote a book on giving up. I finished it about half way through. Don’t take the easy way out-people are drawn to perseverance.
  • Keep Trying. I practice insanityism. When something doesn’t try the first time- I repeat the pattern until I achieve my desired results. Don’t do that. Experiment until you achieve your desired results.

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