Mysticore, what I’ve learned after 10 years of Independent Occult Reasearch

"Mysticore" is the new norm: Inside the trend that's casting its spell over the culture

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Like so many Americans, I too was baptized, Circumcised and dehumanized into a Truth Fearing Christian Propaganda machine. I feared the repercussions of disowning the institution of Corporate Christianity. But, I already felt empty and hollow Spiritually, I had nothing to loose, and so, I turned to Atheism. I found it bleak. I needed vividness. I started shopping around- Wicca, Pantheism (yes, it’s a real thing, Spinoza, boom, fucking Hiroshima level name drop), Buddhism, the I Ching, fuck it, I was desperate for something more than all of this.

I started writing spells and chants. I turned them into poems. I still felt nothing. I started reading more, deeper. I found my way deep into the Occult. Now, the word means kept hidden, for example, an ocular event like an eclipse (according to the Dictionary dot com definition anyways).  This could mean that sciences like Quantum Physics, which deals with shit like the empty space within an atom, sounds Occult, is in fact, Occult. They don’t call it that, because of the cultural stigma placed upon it and shit, like oh my god, their researching demons! Roast them back to hell at the next comedy for Christ, stand up and book burning.

Now, is the Occult evil? Well… take the English Language for example, the letters that make up this post, come from a magical system of runes used for magic, every time you write, you’re casting a spell, so always double check your spelling [1]


With that said, the Occult is neutral, is doesn’t discriminate against good and evil, it leaves that responsibility up to the individual.

So, after ten years of all this Spiritual Occult research and silent contemplation, what have I learned? The Occult is older than dirt, it’s certainly older than written language, I mean, you look up and see a full eclipse, at some point, somebodies gonna be like holy shit, I wanna know everything their is too know about that shit. And they were like boom, magic mushrooms, naw, they were more connected with natures mind, the answer probably came the moment they contemplated the idea.

So, when I hear things like, Mysticore, I roll my eyes. I didn’t even have to read about it, I already knew, it was witchcraft corporate bullshit trying to sell its shitty products as spirituality. You’re gonna find the same emptiness. God cannot be bought, that level of conciseness  is like fuck you, this is Metaphysics, not physics, keep the materialism out of it, become what you stand behind or die without ever knowing the me within you. And when you fuck up, it’s like, well, you fucked up, so I’m taking my life energy and leaving, peace, I’ll be hear when you’re ready to start thinking beyond yourself, grow up asshole.

You must create, love, make sacrifices, help others, ascend the materialistic world and seek truth to become one with God or you might as worship the Eye on the dollar bill because that’s the only real magic spell you’re under.

So, my advice, do your research. The Mysticore movement isn’t anything new, we had the Spiritualist Movement of the nineteenth century and some amazing people came out of that era [2].

Now, look at Humanitarianism found during the Renaissance, many of these amazing individuals studied the Occult, Francois Bacon was a high level Rosicrucian [3]. Leonardo Da Vinci and others were into the Kabblah and Hermeticism; both mystical teachings recovered from the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages saw a time when Alchemists, Hermits, Clerics, Oracles and others gravitating towards the church libraries in search of truth.[4] The library of Alexander was once run by the Gnostics, mystical Christians whose name means knowledge.

Image result for davinci man

Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci, a Middle ages Hermetic Symbol

But all and all, this stuff is even older than that, Plato, a member of the Pythagorean Brotherhood, was super deep into it. It was the works of Plato  and others being preserved by Muslim scholars, and their resurfacing that evoked the Renaissance, and it was the Renaissance that influenced Freemasonry.[5] And now you know.




[3] History Magazine, Secret Societies, Summer Edition 2016 , Article: Rosicrucianism

[4] Youtube video lecture, Alchemical Symbols and symbolism part 1, Professor Tim Dechaines, PHD

[5] The Origins of Freemasonry: Scotland’s Century, 1590- 1710, David Stevenson, 1990

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    • Thank you for your comment. My advice read, read, read! If you love poetry, read some William Blake and Goethe’s Faust. Goethe, this legendary Enlightened figure, who helped usher in this New Age, was a member of the Illuminati. I’ll never forget a passage from Faust, where the professor is talking to a student who doesn’t believe in the spirit realm, only in science. Faust tells him that a true scholar must have both science and spirituality, and this is coming from one of the great Scientists of his era!

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