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Joke of the Day, What is Success? Part 2

November 14, 2016 , ,

When you look at success from the first post,

whether it be a Rolex watch, taking a dump on the neighbors lawn to state your dominance, having  a really expensive degree you’re trying to pay off with a second job working at Starbucks (and that guy who created that franchise probably didn’t even go to school. Fucking Entrepreneurs), do more charity work than actual time raising your kids or simply say fuck this and decide to mediate into a state of Quantum Self Rhinoplasty.

It’s all relative. The issue is learning to dominate all realms, keeping them in Harmony and not resorting back to Consciousness bullying.

I will be talking more about Bullying in upcoming Jokes of the Day. And by the way, the Joke of the Day is a gimmick. It could a humorous observation, a poem, a video of the writer failing at stand up or whatever!

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