Meism & the Political attitudes of Meists


By Meism, I mean most people don’t really give a shit about you. They seem more interested in using you to serve an agenda selfishly driven.

To a Meist, Capitalism usually means; “cool, I love money! Hey, give me some money. Sure, I’ll pay you back. Not! I can’t believe you fell for that sleazy salesman trick again, moron!”

To a Meist, Communism usually means;  “Hey! Doesn’t that make your stuff half my stuff? What? No, it doesn’t work the other way around! I’m conveniently Capitalism in this scenario”.

To a Meist, Socialism usually means; “Awesome, I love free stuff! Give me all the free stuff! No, I will not work for this free stuff. That’s what the next generations their for- to clean up after my messes”.

To a Meist, Fascism usually means; “I could make a better leader than that guy! They should have put me in charge! I always do whats best culturally according to my unbiased beliefs on the subject”.

Now, what about me? Do I practice Meism? Am I a meist? The answer’s, no. I’m a strict Equalist. I believe in equality for all peoples. And, shit of that nature.

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