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Christian Mysticism, 101

December 22, 2016 , ,


Most of us are familiar with Christianity; and yet so seldom few are familiar with Mysticism; and even less with the Mystic traditions of Christianity.

The Early Church was an experimental religious laboratory where a young generation of free thinkers in a world of Religious and Political Turmoil lead many to seek out different states of Consciousness.

They found what would later be dubbed: The Christ Consciousness, in the Mystery School Teachings of Horus, Mithra’s, Orpheus and others; building a system that would lead the individual on the inner quest to Heaven; where through this enlightened state; one could stay connected with the presence of the divine.

And through the external teachings of Jesus Christ; one too could find the hidden teaching; and reach Christ Consciousness (Becoming one with God, or the Divine Presence) through this method which goes as follow:

Through Self Sacrifice to all of Humanity; one can rise to the level of Christ Consciousness; be reborn; and reach the state of inner bliss.

This is the Inner Teachings of Christianity

Stay Tuned for The Mystic Birth of Christianity this Christmas!

Keep in touch for more Mystical Teachings.

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