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The Mystic Birth of Christianity

December 25, 2016 , ,

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Or should I say Merry, Christ Birth; and to the Conception and Birth of the Christian Spiritual tradition. A day seeped in Mysticism with deep pagan traditions centered around the Winter Solstice.


Image of a Roman Christmas Celebration.

Christmas Day

Saturnalia was worshiped in Rome. A day of feasting, present exchanging and spending time with friends and family during the winter solstice.

In Egypt, a Festival to Horus was during the winter Solstice.

The Druids, among other groups, also celebrated the Winter Solstice.


Image taken from Eye of Horus. biz 

The Virgin Birth

This Horus-Jesus connection deepens when famed Historians like Will and Ariel Durant show evidence of early Christians worshiping in front of the Golden Lamb of Horus suckling on the Breast of Isis.

Other Gods around the world including Marduk in Mesopotamia has days of celebration related to this date and time of year.

This makes sense considering that Christian Mysticism, especially that of the early cults, lived within the Egyptian, Roman and Greek Sphere of influence; where these traditions created the foundation for those who sought a new way during a time of social turmoil.


Immaculate Conception

And like all religions; Christianity was born out of theses Mystic Traditions. And like the Jansenist and the Buddhists before; who sought the woods from the oppression of Bahamian Elitism.

Orthodox Hebrews and other groups like Zoroastrians, sought a new way from the Roman oppression of their Consciousness traditions. And like the Indians who sought refuge in the Woods; many sought the Deserts alone, becoming Hermits.

The Hebrews especially, didn’t see God, or el as “an old man or as any other physical entity”. They saw the creator of existence as the great mind or consciousness where all physical matter is created.

This created conflict in Roman occupied Palestine, an occupied territory of the Roman Empire at the time, who demanded worship of their Emperor like the Egyptians once did their Pharaohs. And, the Hebrew traditions turned once again towards elitism. And countless others sought a new way.


Christ Consciousness

They found it with Jesus Christ, the ascended master that lead them to the realm of the Christ Consciousness.

And one can speculate that this level of Consciousness is what’s known as Psycho Somatic or Neuro Somatic. A state of mind connected with bliss, universal harmony and loving understanding for your fellow man.

Philosophically, Spinoza called it Pantheism, or that God is the Universe, and like us, this Universe is alive; and we are all connected to this living entity, our creator.

But Buddha also experienced this level of Consciousness or Nirvana, after casting away all desire and connection to the physical world.

That one should not rule out practices such as Yoga and Meditation practiced by early Christians; or any other high conscious practice in the early stages of Christianity.


Way of the New Light

But similarities aside, what would separates the Mystic Christian’s from other traditions is their emphasis on helping your fellow man.

Unlike older religious practices that had a forget everyone else; and focus on yourself type attitude. Christianity had strong Emphasis on helping your fellow man.

The I Ching says, A good man is one who works on himself; while a great man is one who not only works on himself but is willing to selflessly pause his growth to help others along the way.

This unconditional love and charity for all regardless of: age, race, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation or social class is what made Christianity Unique; and also misunderstood in its early years.

But this is what I think of early Christians. This passion to sacrifice themselves for humanity is at the very core of Christianity from Conception to Birth.

Merry Christmas.

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