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Joke of the Day, Terrorize the Bullies

December 27, 2016 ,

Anyone caught oppressing the individual’s basic human rights especially religion, sexuality, gender or other life choices that doesn’t hurt the individual or others will have the FBSM or Federal Bureau of Shaolin Monks sent out for a good old fashioned ass whopping.

Bullies will be harassed daily by 3 D bags. These holographic enforcers only job is showing up least expected and calling the bully out on his bullshit. This will continue until the bully learns his lesson and corrects his attitude.

Terrorist cells will be snuffed out by Ninja’s. They’ll be sitting in their caves, sipping lemonade as they watch the sand sweep over the oil fields. We’ll catch them off guard; as they see super assassins pop out of every nook and cranny. They’ll be equipped with flash grenades, ninja stars and chameleon armor. The operation will be quick-silent-deadly- and recorded live on TV.

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