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The Brief History of Musical Mysticism

December 28, 2016 , ,

Musical Mysticism grew out of the traditions of most major religions starting from the earliest known civilizations.

The Sumerian High Priestess, Enheduanna from around 2200, BCE; was the first to scribe music composition; held high political rank; and wrote religious hymns.

However, this form of devotion was overshadowed by the more materialistic Astrology; instead of the Acoustic Consciousness type mysticism practiced by Enheduanna.

And so, her type of mysticism fell out of favor. Alchemy however, had gained notoriety in Egypt and China simultaneously with Imhotep leading a revolution in Egyptian Medicine; which would unfortunately turn into the Western obsession of turning  Led into Gold.

It wouldn’t be until the Rise of the Greeks with Homer’s Religious Hymns; and his two great epics The Iliad and the Odyssey; that this type of Mysticism wouldn’t only gain favor but also reach a new pinnacle.

The teachings of Homer would become the foundation of the Greek Education System; where the main objective was to learn to read, write, sing, and perform the Iliad while fusing your own style and approach to the myth.

This type of Musical Mysticism would eventually branch off into things like The Orphic Mysteries and the Pythagorean Brotherhood. The Pythagoreans brought with them an assortment of Far Eastern Esoteric and Occult Knowledge that helped expand the Homeric traditions with Mathematics,  Geometry and philosophy; while also merging it with the musical aspects of the Homeric Tradition.

By Classical Greece, this type of Mysticism was common; and music played a key role in all aspects of life; and was studied from all aspects. This lead to the Greek innovation of Music Therapy among greater insights into theory, technique and even what you would consider music?

This would eventually become dominated by the Romans, who used the Bards from Greece as elite teachers; but otherwise saw it as another form of Political domination. The common bard became the troupe, who turned the mystical practices and teachings into gross out gags and fart songs, to muse the city masses.

From all of this came the Fool, like the Bard, owned by the Elite of Royal Bloodlines to entertain the king and his court, among other duties. Some fools became enlightened, having learned to read and write in a time when the king was out at war; found refuge in the Church.

The Middle Ages was a time of growth in Musical Mysticism; and the church once again opened its gates to this type of Spirituality. This was a time when Alchemists, Seers, Gnostics, Clerics, and others began working together in church libraries to unlock higher states of Consciousness.

The peak of this was Hildegard of Bingen who composed church music, wrote several pageant plays, founded several abbes across Germany, wrote the most recognized book on Autonomy until Leonardo di Vinci’s sketches and descriptions; and is the post humorous author of books on Christian Mysticism.

The Fool even rose to the level of Troubadour, who saw true love as that which transcends all prior class and social distinctions; popularizing the concept of Transcendental Love.

Then Musical Mysticism died again. It became a short lived flavor. The Eighteen Hundreds showed a rise with the Spiritualist Movement who were unfortunately more interested in talking to the dead; then Acoustic Enlightenment.

I assume it was the Black Plague that lead to the Fall of this type of Enlightenment; as the broken society began to perceive the Alchemists as Witches; and the Mystics as Warlocks. It would be many centuries before Western Culture would once again begin exploring that type of information. And still today, words like “Occult”, “Magick” & “Mysticism”; are often perceived as dark or evil.

The late nineteen forties showed a growing interest in this material; which rose to scientific fields such as Ancient Musicology. This happened again in the early nineteen eighties with a growing interest in Ancient Greek Music Instruments especially the Tortoise Shell Lyre.

Regardless, many Polymaths have found their mark here; from ancients times to modern day polymaths such as Physicist and Lead Guitarist of the Rock Band Queen Brian May; and Writer and Biologist Rupert Sheldrake with his Morphic Resonance Theory.

The Vox Mysteries intends on remaining true to this type of Mysticism for the purpose of keeping it up to date in the modern world. The Spiritual Science of Music holds many keys to the Universe; and to the Individuals role within it; and even of higher levels of existence first thought unimaginable.

So turn up your internal frequency, amplify it to the earth; and tune it into the Universe and let it fill your consciousness with its sacred knowledge.

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