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My “from Words to Turds” Theory

December 31, 2016 , , ,

An Essay that Stirs the Turd

I also call it my -Institutional Degeneration Theory- if you wanna be all technical about it. I just happen to find that from Words to Turds Theory speaks to a broader range of people for some unexplained reason.

So, let’s leave out the math here. Because that’s part of the problem. The math goes to shit my friends. And the science. And the Education. And the Arts. And the Religions. It all goes to shit.

But why is this such a reoccurring theme throughout history? Why do things start great before devolving into a decades worth of pop music featuring cheesy robot vocals?  This music is all saturated fat and Corn Syrup- no fiber. It shit bricks the mind.

Now I’ll attempt to shine light on this turd. I don’t have all the answers. So don’t expect a cohesive argument. I’m interested more in toying with the notion than with concrete evidence . You know, for shits and giggles. I call it stirring the Turd.

The idea is simple. Enlightened people with selfless intentions built lasting institutions that in a positive direction gained notoriety and became a staple of the communities they served. These Institutions became well established early on, gaining a strong internal core.  One could say, the strong moral fiber made for good fertilizer.

But people change, and the original message gets lost, and minds get congested by their fat heads and lack of moral fiber. It becomes more about the preservation of the institution due to organized self interest (what I call, the Bellying Up Factor) than about serving the community.

But like the serpent eating its tail- seeds and pollen blossom from the shit pile- the endless cycles of death, birth, growth, rebirth- or something. I should probably end this before I get into a massive rant about St. George and the Dragon. Slay your Dragons!

In conclusion, enlightened men come along and fuck up the program by attempting to improve upon the system. They end up writing up the elaborate functions of their improved system and lead these powerful systems.

Then they die, the Neros and Korean Royal Families of the world get into office, they decide that their best course of action is to be another poop boss- they kill the flower- and change the game to suite themselves. Modern examples include R Kelly’s Doo-Doo Butter and Bill Gates Poop Water.

The words before turds are in reference to the books read and studied by these enlightened leaders, the documents they created that expressed their ideas, the plans necessary to mastermind such organizations, and the years of action and communication from these enlightened individuals that lead to their success and the success of the institutions they helped to establish.

But what do I know? It’s all just a big ole pile of steaming cow pies. I’m just a fool in Sheep’s Clothing. So flush this outta your system. And start you year shit free. Happy New Year!

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