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Joke of the Day, Trash Pile Apocalypse

January 1, 2017 , ,

I perceive a global apocalypse overflowing with debris and trash- a wasteland covered in dirty diapers as far as the eyes can see before they tear up- this is the new world wasteland. The resources will all be wasted- on a global robot war against nations, maybe an alien threat, the news will kinda keep that hazy, so know one will really knows- will have a devastating effect on the environment. The war will cause the earth to shriek almost a third in size from the mass exhaustion of its natural resources due to poor political planning.

It will play out suspiciously like a retelling of World War One fused with World War Two; and will be directed by J.J. Abrams as World War Seven with a clinghanger ending that will lead the world into World War Eight, exactly three years later. Both wars will be shot live on public Broadcasting; where the oppressed working class can watch the war, between building more death bots, to see if last weeks models they built got disintegrated on live TV! All the time, not knowing; that their children have downloaded an app that allows them to control the enemies- kill bots, probe bots, drones- and rape bots for the big kids- all played out in real time.

The earth will look like an old junk yard; when it’s done. The people will become so under nourished that they’ll become zombified, stumbing around crying food! Food! This will lead to the Cannibals Manifesto; and huge reform in the rights of the Cannibalistic social class. These individuals are afterall, mostly tax paying, hard working, law abiding citizens; who just happened to eat people out of necessity. Just because listening to Beethoven makes them hungry; doesn’t make them uncivilized. It’s the Geene’s and the Dhamer’s that tarnished this image.

By this time, those in power who started and controlled this mess will be long gone- along with all the intellectual progressives and free thinkers- shot straight into the sun with a giant rail cannon by the power elite- just for shits and giggles. They’ll herd a good portion of the obedient workers into cargo ships and haul ass to Mercury’s moon Titan, where they will live happily ever after fucking up that planet.

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