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Thoughts on Atheistic Humanism

January 1, 2017

I came across this blog post on the WordPress Reader site- Why Evolution is True

In the past few months I’ve given two talks—one for the American Humanists and the other for the Freedom From Religion Foundation—on the relationship between atheism, humanism, and social good. I started both talks by asking the audience to raise their hands if they considered themselves humanists. Every hand went up. I then asked how many […]

via A smarmy NYT article about atheism and humanism — Why Evolution Is True

I found the article interesting. But I’ve come along way since the days when I first called myself an Atheist.

Now personally, I find Atheism bleak. It’s too rational. It lacks pathos. I’d take the hollow logic of an Atheist over the erratic emotions of a religious zealot any day of the week. But I also find that astute followers of Atheism use this against religion as a whole. Shunning those who are far more enlightened themselves, regardless of religious affiliation,  and even adding historical figures to their ranks without ever taking their religious or spiritual life into deeper evaluation.

The merging of Atheism, Social Darwinism and Science (with a deeper consideration of the intellectual community as a whole) are relatively new (I’d say, roughly 300 years old). This is the view point of controversial biologist Rupert Sheldrake (who’d argue with the date I picked, being since it was before the birth of Darwin; but I’m taking into consideration events like the Reign of Terror, when French Rationalists tried to destroy religion as a whole).

It seems that even Atheists and Humanists are guilty of the same crimes of political domination over intellectual and spiritual matters as any other organization at one point or another.

Rupert Sheldrake talks much about many members of the intellectual community he’s interviewed over the years having weird dreams, strange occurrences, etc; but fear the backlash from expressing these experiences on a rational level.

How is this Humanistic? How can one simply dismiss religion and spirituality when it has made so many Godly in their affairs?

Now, I’m not trying to sponsor my spirituality to Atheists. I have less answers than most, and I find that comforting. I don’t want to change your belief system. You shouldn’t have too. Not when you can use these systems to grow.

And after years of studying the Mystery Schools, Secret Societies, Mysticism, Religion, Mythology, Folk Lore, Spirituality, Science and Philosophy. I thought to myself. The Atheist is not an evil religion. The Atheist, I thought to myself, can also transcend.

However, the Atheist, I have found, can be quite territorial when it comes to spiritual insight. I used to label Christians as fools; but after many years of spiritual research, realized that their’s more too all this then the hollow assumption that one reality tunnel is better than the next. Conformity is not an option for me.

But I realized that, if and only if, with no exceptions, that if an Atheist were to sacrifice their own selfish desire by dedicating their life work to the growth and betterment of all humanity while still finding the time to help others along the way. That, you’re more of a Christian than many Christians are today.

My issue with modern Monotheism is outlandish claims such as “the only TRUE God”, “Gods Chosen people”, or the outlandish assumption that superstition alone is going get you a first class ticket to the afterlife.

This is unenlightened thinking. The ancient monotheists worshiped not man, or stuff, or the physical world; they worshiped the life and conscious found within all of existence as God, or the grand mind that created our living universe, or something. Think for yourself.

High Wisdom is for everyone. It’s how you use it. The religion itself is only a system of ritual initiations and disciplines used to help the individual to reach higher levels of consciousness (the True Mystery School Tradition).

And I have learned from experience that the higher your level of wisdom, the greater the results are over all aspects of your life. So use it wisely.


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