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10 Hacks for Relieving Stress and Remaining Positive

January 3, 2017 , ,

This is a quick list of the top ten techniques I use to relieve stress and remain positive. I still get stressed out as new situations arise and old situations resurface. It’s an on going struggle but it takes a lifetime to master oneself. So baby steps.

  1. Watch Stand Up Comedy on what’s stressing you out. Few things are more liberating than hearing your favorite comedian mocking a shared experience. It not only puts things in perspective but is also inspiring.
  2. Read positive books: I watched a T.Ed Talks lecture on the power of storytelling. Psychologically, a book takes you out of this world and puts you in another, where you share an experience and learn life lessons faster than on your own.
  3. Have a Hobby: It was Dr. Robert Sapolsky in the Documentary Film Stress, the Portrait of a Killer who taught me that having a hobby is one of the best ways to relieve stress. I’ll put it even simpler: do what you love.
  4. Have long term goals: Nothing is more stressful than not growing in your job and not growing in your life. Have long term goals and work towards them step by step. This will do wonders for your life! It was Mythologist Joseph Campbell in his Documentary Series The Power of Myth that said “Find your bliss. By the love of God, find your bliss!”
  5. Eliminate Desire: The core of Buddhism is to eliminate desire. We all want things we can’t have. Find what those things are and work yourself out of that cycle.
  6. Meditate: Learn to focus your mind on nothingness. This helps clear the mind, boosts self discipline and opens you up to new ideas and ways of thinking you never thought possible.
  7. Turn the lead of every situation into gold: This is what your favorite comedians do; taking all their irrational fears,  flaws and shortcomings into something positive. I do this more and more everyday. Everyday I work on bettering myself. And everyday, I feel bliss.
  8. Help Others: Instead of focusing on your feelings, distract yourself by doing something constructive by helping out someone who actually needs it. This will boost their morality; and also put your own worries somewhat at rest.
  9. Write Yourself Positive Messages: Throughout the day, write yourself a positive message. When you look yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself that you love that person. Do this at work during bathroom breaks and after lunch. Over time, you’ll not only truly begin to believe in yourself; but begin to feel that become a solid part of your day to day personality.
  10. Find Spirituality: It was Francois Bacon who said in his Atheist Treatises that “an Atheist is one who seeks Philosophy; and gives up after finding the answer. But one who studies Philosophy beyond this point will find God”. Life is bleak when you don’t have any moral compass. Find what gives your life more vibrancy; and stick with it!


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