What I Love about the Gnostics

The Gnostics comes from the Greek work Gnosis, or Knowledge. And for many century, being the great caretakers of the Library of Alexandria, they had access to all available knowledge.

The Gnostics than took this a step further in their religious lives by taking only the highest wisdom and only the best information available as the bases of their religious experimentation.

What achieved the best desired results based on their spiritual quest for knowledge from within was kept; and the rest put on the shelf for later investigation and rediscovery.

When other institutions began achieving better results, than the Gnostics would take that application and apply it; even going as far as replacing an older model with the up to date one.

The Gnostics strive for higher levels of Knowledge by fusing Scientific Method to occult knowledge combined with their innovative spirit made them one of the best Religions of all time.

This is not to be confused with Agnostics; who aren’t sure if a God exists or doesn’t exist. A true Gnostic would not agree or disagree with that notion; and would probably point out the pros and cons of each system. And find ways to not only improve upon them but also how to navigate each state into reaching even higher states of Consciousness.

The Gnostics today are the reborn reflection of the Earlier Gnostics whose Persian origins would have been influenced by Indian Occultism, Zoroastrianism; and other religions such as Christian Mysticism, Platonism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Today, the Gnostics stand firmly as a Early Christian/ Semi Pagan alternative to mainstream Christianity. And quite possibly, the best.


5 thoughts on “What I Love about the Gnostics

    1. I thought the same thing when I first studied this material. I would suggest digging deeper before you make that assumption.

      But thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoyed our post! Have a great week! Feel free to write back anytime if you’re interested in exploring this deeper. Thank you.

      1. I have explored it quite deeply actually. I think it would be better not to use the term Gnostic. I think it gets used to cover really quite separate things.

      2. If you’re talking about the differences between Gnostics & Agnostics, absolutely.

        Agnostics are more like Atheists with premium afterlife insurance slipped in.

        The Gnostics on the other hand- saw the spiritual world as more real then this physical world- and saw the Demiurge as the Grand Architect (similar to Freemasonry) responsible for the creation of the Physical Universe.

        Interesting enough, they saw this Demiurge as “evil” who with the help of its Archonic force, keeps humanity in a state on dependence on physical stimulation.

        The Gnostics however, also believed in the Monad, the spiritual force present in all life, including even the creation of the Demiurge, and it is through the process of ascension that one is able to break away from this physical reality and become one with the source of all creation with the guidance of the Aeons.

        So, unlike the Agnostics who don’t really don’t know or necessarily believe in anything, the Gnostics studied the spiritual teachings of the mystery schools (the Platonic mysteries, the Pythagorean Brotherhood, etc) which makes sense, since it’s roots are in Greece, and fused it Christian Mysticism, also starting to take root in Greece, and created a unique system of Spiritual Science based on years upon years of studying this type of information, which they often did in the Library of Alexandria, as they were the ones left in charge of the library.

        But I find it interesting that the word Agnostic shows up in the modern world, demonstrating our almost total lost of this information and its ancient origins.

        The word Agonstic itself demonstrates humanities emphasis of what is rational logical materialistic thinking compared to the heightened spiritual consciousness of our Ancestors.

        In all honesty, this is the main drive behind the “mystical” aspects of my website. To help keep our Spiritual reality alive in a world where the dependence on Technology is making it harder everyday to find the answers within ourselves.

        Because we are more than robots or talking primates. We are the very extension of the divine found in all things connected to all times and to all places.

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