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Is Selfishness Demonic?

January 8, 2017 , ,

I was listening to a video on Youtube about Ancient Wisdom. I don’t know what the name of the video was or who the author was speaking in the video. All I remember is what was said in this video that made sense to me. I was in deep thought when these words broke to the surface.

“Selfishness leads to abuse and abuse leads to addiction”.

Then, the video got all superstitious and spiritual. It went on to say,

“That addiction draws the demons close to you- increasing your chance of possession- making that addiction hard to break”.

Now this sounds weird. But who are we to criticize? Maybe our ancestors knew something we didn’t. Lets look at this from another angle. Let’s leave out all the superstitious Metaphysical stuff; and focus on the psychology.

Lets look at some faces of Demons from Ancient sources and compare them with sketches and pictures of real humans.

Do you see a comparison? The Snake Demon is part Female, Satan is Part man and the Faces in Da Vinci’s Work show similar many grotesque features seen in Demonic Art the world round.

The meaning becomes psychological; we become the demons we face in life when we follow of path of Selfishness; become drawn to the addictions of others who bring out our own demons; and find ourselves in a difficult situation hard to get out.

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