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Weekly Comedy, Oculus Rifts & Pokemon Shifts

January 12, 2017 , , , ,


Technology has grown so rapidly that we’ll soon be able to craft nano bots using sub- atomic robots. T.V.’s are getting so small that they can now be installed into goggle’s. So, keep your eyes out for the full virtual internet experience with the Ocular Chrome Google’s. 

Visitors At The Eurogamer Expo 2013 For Gamers

Oculus’ newest versions will change they way we look at life for the next 6 months to year 1/ 2. Then, we’ll come out with holographic kites. But until then, we can expect to get sucked into virtual worlds like never before with the Oculus Rift. Now, a firm competitor with reality.

I also heard that Pokemon Go caused many lost souls to wonder the real world in search of imaginary creatures built in a Japanese Laboratory deep Mt. Fugi with the help of Gia and other Gods from Asian folklore.

And why does this muse me? Please comment below. Thank you.

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