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The Modern Witch-ZEN AND PI

January 12, 2017

“Womanhood is learning how to witch yourself in slow motion. When they say your name like a curse, say it back to them like an incantation. When they call you cold, show them how you conjure fire.”…

Source: The Modern Witch

The Above article The Modern Witch from the Website, Zen and PI; was very powerful and moving for me. I found her message to be not empowering but also emotionally beautiful. I suggest reading it.

I could relate well on a personal level to her article. I would suggest reading the article before reading any further.

I went through a short lived Wicca/Pagan period in my spiritual development. But I wanted something different. But what LISA, the author of the Article describes as the results of a Modern Witch is the same as my own. Again, read this article.

I found what I was looking for in a question: what are the mystery schools? This lead to a journey involving secret societies- a purgatory full of conspiracy theories- and finally back to mystery schools which I am now just starting to understand.

But our outcomes are generally the same. I find new ways everyday on how to apply this information, this ancient magick, into the modern world and in our daily lives.


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