Inner Universe

Our minds are
dark dimensional realms
scary endless voids
forever, we remain distracted
from the fear of losing oneself
in deeper thought.
We become mindless
practitioners of escapism
scratching only
at the surface.

Masters of the art
of frivolous banality
forever disconnected
from the residence
of our own divinity.
So, probe no further!
for fear of getting lost
in the catacombs
of our own

Reach not for
the metaphysical stars
in the galactic recesses
of the psyche;
but remain forever busy
on the materialistic plane
of this existence.

Reach instead for
the remote control
using entertainment
as a mechanism
to keep the door tightly locked
so, as too never enter
the vestibule of your soul.

Throw away the key
for fear of
the dark secrets
hidden inside
the deepest architecture
of your genius.

Keep the mysterious
quickly buried
in the shifting sands
of the super-ego; and
remain forever blind
from exploring
the inner universe.

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