Weekly Humor, Life after circumcision


I was born ritualized into the Christian faith- the baptism was refreshing but the circumcision still stings.

“God gave in an inch of play and mankind took it way.”

I think their’s a Circumcision conspiracy to protect the bitter celibate priest somewhere who thought we should focus less on making life instead of a life after death and anyone who disagreed with him were scoffed to death; but it was his life ambition to have the circumcising bill passed; which  I believe drastically lessened the power of the head and staff.

Just imagine the angle that lonely Rabbi had to use to convince his peers? “It’ll smell better!…it won’t feel as good…but it looks like it works out!…and even though it looks smaller; which size doesn’t matter…. but look at the bright side, you last longer because you don’t feel it”.

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a flap cap; but my parents knew me. The last thing I needed was an excuse to multitask washing and playing with my self- just imagine the water bill!

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