The Big Picture Vs. The Selfie

What a great metaphor in a world that’s lost its sense of place in the larger scheme of life and has replaced it with their position within the institutions and organizations in which they belong.

Or the heartbreaking reality that our ancestors were more willing to sacrifice their lives so we wouldn’t have too live that lifestyle more than most modern people are willing to sacrifice their jobs out of fear of losing this lifestyle.

We have let the soulless machine control our lives and let it strip us of our individuality, our humanity, our connection with nature, with the universe and with creation. And spend more time zooming in ourselves than on zooming out and letting the big sprawling landscape teach us about ourselves. And for what? A smartphone with more computing power than Apollo 11 but has made us too complacent to launch us off the couch.

We have learned technology faster than we’ve let nature teach us about ourselves. This is dangerous. Dangerous. Sometimes its better too turn the phone or computer off and go play outside or one of my favorite outdoor activities, nature walks. Take a break from the small screen and step out into the big infinite scope of our true natural identity. Enjoy the big picture: mountains that kiss the clouds, the reflection of uncountable stars off the reflection of the ocean or the endless sea of evergreens across the horizon. Become one with nature.

It’s ironic that I advocate nature walks on a day so slippery out that a walk out in the woods without a phone with a charged battery would be dangerous. I suggest getting a pair of ice skates if you live in the Mid West or plan for spring .

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