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10 Enlightened and Creative Leaders History has Forgotten

January 27, 2017

My most popular post of the last two years.

Open the Vox

Great leadership is not written in stone. It is often a silent code within. Take these ten forgotten leaders, who helped to shape our present world beyond recognition. And for those who seek the powers of true leadership, seek no further then within yourself, like the souls listed below. A good start indeed for anyone interested in becoming the best leader they can possibly be. So here it is. The Ten Most Enlightened and Creative Leaders History has Forgotten.

  1. enheduannapoetleaderEnheduanna: According to, she was the daughter of Sargon the Great, king of Akkad; and is the first author in history known by name [1]. She wrote hymns and composed the earliest known attempts at musical composition. also points out the fact that her father entrusted her with the responsibility over the most powerful temple in his kingdom. In fact, seven years ago, when I first came across…

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  1. Open the Vox is the Comedy and Special Interest Blog of Author Jordan Dumer and Opened Vox Publishing. reblogged this and added:

    […] Johannes Von Goethe: 1749-1832. Goethe along with other Enlightened bad asses like Thomas Jefferson was lucky enough to put their imprint on the first quarter of this uncanny century. An Original member of the Bohemian Illuminati ; and all around Renaissance Man, Goethe spent a good chunk of his free time in the 19th Century on the Faust legend [3]. He was also the founder of Goetheian Science that will become a major influence later in the 19th Century. […]


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    […] thinking over spiritual growth is a major concern with the rapid evolution of technology. Enlightened Leadership in technology fields is urgent more than ever before. Reactive Leadership utilizes technology as a […]


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