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10 Signs of Enlightened Leadership

January 27, 2017


A Forbe’s article titled The 4 C’s of Enlightened Leadership title them as: Character (Your ability to tap into your inner Gandhi for the purpose of slaying your inner Hitler), Competence ( You know yourself and your job in a way that doesn’t lead the unsinkable ship into a giant ice cube), Collaboration (Your ability to realize that you don’t have all the answers) and Courage (ability to risk your career based on a hunch).

This is very important stuff. Why? Because it doesn’t matter if we have a monarchy, an anarchy, a democracy, a republic or everything in between. If we don’t have enlightened leadership, then we quickly fall back into chaos and corruption like the fall of the great civilizations before us.

And by leadership, I don’t necessarily mean born rich. Men like Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin were born in poverty. In fact, many of the strongest leaders I’ve read in books often began at the bottom before working themselves to the top. Or look at Benjamin Franklin, self driven and often uninterested in material things or positions of power, that this is not just for the CEO’and pack leaders of the world. I’ve learned that the strongest leaders always lead themselves at all times and all places. I call this sovereignty.

And the place to start is in a book. By reading books and listening to tapes daily. You too can remain in the right state of mind. And most importantly, remain positive!

I would also like too mention that a good amount of this information comes from John C. Maxwell, a Christian Leader whose books on leadership hold top rating on Amazon and other sites like Goodreads. I am also reading a book by Christian Leader Andy Stanley titled Enemies of the Heart.

Other great sources are (believe it or not) Gilgamesh, the works of men like Benjamin Franklin and Rudolph Steiner and the self help guides of Gurus like Dale Carnegie. I’ve wrote an article titled, 10 Enlightened and Creative Leaders History Forgot that makes for a useful tool if you’re looking for powerful sources that no one else is utilizing.

But I’ve also learned a lot from my Grandfather, a Christian Leader himself whose taught me many life lessons and a few jokes along the way. I enjoy his earthly wisdom.

Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which one fills up the fastest

– Unknown

  1. Integrity Vs. Lack of Moral Compass: CHARACTER. The number one thing the majority of CEO’s and other leaders attribute too their success is integrity. I read this in John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leader within You. In fact, John Maxwell’s books are an excellent place too start. It’s also a great place to focus on if you want to be an enlightened leader. Start by living by the positive example that you set for yourself.
  2. Spiritual Vs. Godless Heathen: Those who are ruled over by forces greater than themselves are less likely too demand worship and control.
  3. Family Oriented Vs. Self Obsessed: Someone who can function as a unit in their personal lives are more likely too care about people than those who look at the situation as something they can use for personal gain.
  4. Rewards Vs. pulling out the nine tails: A good leader will reward those who work hard and only punish out of necessity and severity.
  5. Honesty Vs. BS: A good leader will always compliment a strength and not the ego before they critique an area they feel the employee needs to work on. They also never criticize like Lincoln who used too write soul shredding letters but never sent them to his victims.
  6. Delegates Vs. Dictates. An enlightened leader assigns tasks too the right people instead of telling people what to do.
  7. Leads vs Bosses: Like above, instead of telling people what to do, they show them what too do which demonstrates both a strong work ethic and competency.
  8. Level Playing Field Vs. Kicking You Off the Ladder: An enlightened Leader creates an atmosphere of growth and equality instead of seeing it as a title too lord over you.
  9. Creates Vs. Destroys and Conquer: A good leader improves upon something  or they create something more enlightened instead of trying to abuse the system until its run into the ground. A creative leader will also take criticism serious and surround themselves around people with the right talents for solutions.
  10. Follows Vs. Leads Others: A good leader sees a better leader in others and takes the opportunity to learn from example in not just fields they have no authority or little understanding in but also in their own field as well. A true enlightened leader also wants others too become better leaders than themselves.

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