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10 More Creative and Enlightened Leaders History Forgot

January 30, 2017 ,

  1. Aristides: Aristides wasn’t a creative leader but he served as the Military Commander during the Persian War; and was the known as “The Just” for his selfless service while in office. He managed the Dorian League that organized the taxes on the different regions in the Greek Empire. It is said that when he died, he was so poor, that he didn’t even have enough for the funeral; quite a feat when the Dorian League lead too a long period of Athenian Imperial Corruption.
  2. Leon Batista Alberti: leon-battista-albert-enlightened-creative-leader-quote Living between 1404 –1472, Alberti was an Architect, Priest, Poet, Philosopher, etc; and was born fifty years before da Vinci. He studied Cannon Law early in life before making his greatest contributions in Art, mathematics and Architecture.
  3. Mirabai: She lived between 1498?-1546 C.E., and dedicated her life to singing, music and praise of Sri Krishna and was a dedicated priestess of Sri Krishna. Born a Princess, Mirabai dedicated her life too spiritual worship instead of a life built on vanity.
  4. St. Teresa of Avila: gives us an interesting view of the Christian Mystic, Nun Reformer and Author whose life reflects that of a modern day woman fused with a deep interest in Inner Prayer. She lived between 1515 and 1582.
  5. Minamoto Musashi: Born in 1584. Legendary Samurai who traveled Japan fighting the Prodigies of the Sword Fighting Dynasties, is said too be undefeated. He later founded a sword school in Japan and became a Buddhist Monk where he wrote the Book of Five Rings.
  6. William Blake: Blake was a Spiritual Philosopher, Occultist, Writer, Poet and Illustrator. He’s most famous for his Epic Poem Milton and his watercolor paintings known as the Red Dragon Series. He lived between  1757-1827.william-blake-creative-enlightened-leader-red-dragon-artwork
  7. Albert Pike: says that he was a man who live between 1809-1891 is the man that re popularized American Freemasonry by introducing the Scottish Rites too the United States. He wrote the famous Free Masonic work, Rules and Dogma. He was also a Newspaper editor, Confederate General, Southern Attorney and Native American Advocate.
  8. Marry Eddy Baker: Baker lived from 1821-1910 and was an important spiritual leader for work in Medicine and Theology she called Christian Science. Besides a Spiritual Leader, Mary was also a teacher and writer.
  9. Allan Watts: A prolific Lecturer, British Writer and Theologian of the Philosophy of Zen Buddhism, he was once the Leading Scholar on Eastern Religious Studies in the Western World. He lived from 1915 until 1973.allan-watts-creative-enlightened-leader
  10. Terrance McKenna: A Horticulturalist, Philosopher, Lecturer and Writer world famous for taking every psychedelic drug know to man. McKenna discussed what he learned about his experiences, the modern world and about the human experience.

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    […] Albert Pike: 1809-1891. Famous for the Masonic Revival in America after its decline in the early 19th Century thanks to the Anti Freemason Party, the first Third Party in American Politics. He brought the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry to the USA, where we get the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry. He was also a Confederate General, Native American Activist, Southern Lawyer and author of the Free masonic classic, Rules and Dogma[8]. […]


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