13 Illuminated 19th Century Figures History Kept Secret


The Letter 13 was not by coincidence. The Thirteenth Letter of the Alphabet is M for Mason….

The late 1700’s saw the death of Benjamin Franklin, himself being a Free masonic Grand Master among other Enlightened Free masonic figures like Samuel Adams and George Washington. And even though Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, the Founding Fathers influence let alone position within Freemasonry and other secret societies, like the Illuminati, is uncertain.

And while Freemasonry had spread in Europe under the influence of the late Enlightenment in the Early eighteen hundreds, by the end of the first quarter of the century, American Freemasonry would become nearly abolished, almost replaced by a new church, and finally reborn by the second half of the century.

By the end of the 19th Century, Freemasonry had not only grown to new heights, but had fused with so many other occult societies, many of them new, that by the early 20th century, these Secret Societies became tightly interwoven. Here’s a brief look at some of the individuals who helped shaped it.


    1. Prince Hall: 1735/38-1807African American abolitionist and social rights activist for education and free rights. Prince Hall also founded the first African Free Masonic Lodge, now known as Prince Hall Freemasonry and served as Grand Master of the Lodge until his death [1].
    2. Johann Adam Weishaupt: 1748-1830. Philosopher and occultist. Weishaupt is most famous as the Founder of the Secret Society known as the Illuminati established in 1776. Its imagery along with Freemasonry would come to dominate American Occultism into the present day[2].
    3. Johannes Von Goethe:gothe-illumanti-elightened-occult-19th-century-figure
      . Goethe along with other Enlightened bad asses like Thomas Jefferson was lucky enough to put their imprint on the first quarter of this uncanny century. An Original member of the Bohemian Illuminati ; and all around Renaissance Man, Goethe spent a good chunk of his free time in the 19th Century on the Faust legend [3]. He was also the founder of Goetheian Science that will become a major influence later in the 19th Century.

    4. John Quincy Adams: 1767-1848. The son of John and Abigail Adams, John Quincy became the 6th President of the United States. Later, he was also a strong supporter of the Anti Freemasonry Party and wrote the book Letters on Freemasonry[4]. He later joined the Anti slave, Whig Party. However, it’s his work as a senator and not as President that had a lasting impact, and has become overshadowed by other more prominent presidents of that century like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.
    5. Napoleon Bonaparte: 1769-1821. We know all about the legendary French emperor. But what history has kept too itself is that Napoleon established Freemasonic Temples all over his kingdom[5]; and spent a considerable amount of resources in Egypt and other esoteric sites. It led to world wide growth and exposure of Freemasonry.
    6. William Morgan: 1777-1826? Captain William Morgan was a Royal Arch degree Freemason. In 1826 he wrote a book that exposed all the current secrets of the society. And before it was published, William Morgan had disappeared from civilization. It was this event that sparked the Anti Masonic Movement [6].


      Photo of Joseph Smith

    7. Joseph Smith: 1805-1844. The founder of the Religious Movement known as Mormonism. Smith wrote the influential book of Mormon. His church of Latter Day Saints is also said to be influenced by Freemasonry as both have a similar system of rituals [7].
    8. Albert Pike: 1809-1891albert-pike-illuminated-19th-century-occult-figure-rules-and-dogma. Famous for the Masonic Revival in America after its decline in the early 19th Century thanks to the Anti Freemason Party, the first Third Party in American Politics. He brought the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry to the USA, where we get the 33 Degrees of Freemasonry. He was also a Confederate General, Native American Activist, Southern Lawyer and author of the Free masonic classic, Rules and Dogma[8].
    9. Eliphas Levi: 1810-1875. The Pseudonym of French Occult Writer and Ceremonial Magician Alphonse Louis Constant, Levi is famous for his books, The History of Magic and Transcendental Magic. His works would come to influence occult groups like The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Thelma Society[9].eliphas_levi_1862-19th-century-occult-illuminated-figure
    10. Paschal Beverly Randolph: 1825-1875. African American Spiritualist, Occultist, Medical Doctor and writer who introduced Sex Magic to the United States and is believed to establish the first Order of the Rose Cross in the United States[10].
    11. Albert Karl Theodor Reuss: 1855-1923A Singer, Journalist and possible Spy. Reuss is best known in Occult Circle for starting a power organization known as the Ordos Templi Orientis, or OTO [11].ae-waite-19th-century-occult-illuminated-figure
    12. A.E. Waite: 1857-1942. Famous Occult writer influenced by Levi’s magical work. Waite wrote multiple books including a translation of the Kabblah and translated many of Levi’s texts into English. He also introduced a popular set of Tarot Cards and was a member of Golden Dawn[12].aleister-crowley-illuminated-19th-century-occult-figure-freemason
    13. Aliester Crowley: 1875-1947. Author, Magician, Occultist and creator of such occult societies as Thelma. He gained notoriety after writing a book that tarnished the Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn’s reputation into extinction[13].

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