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Winter Sports

February 5, 2017 , ,

I remember driving through Madison Wisconsin one winter; and noticed ice skating and ice hockey still being played on the lake. However, I have never owned a pair of ice out of the fear of some how slicing off an appendage or two; and considering the time I ran over a snowboarders board with my rental skies at Alpine Valley. I see how my family saw this as an issue.

Besides skiing. I’ve also enjoyed snow hiking near Devils Lake. And sledding in the Kettle Moraine Area. One time we went sledding on a hill once used as a practice course for Olympic trainers. I tested the hill. Hit several rocks; and nearly lost my life. My step brothers ran to the top; and hit a fairly large and long neglected ski jump on the way down. They slid on their bellies from the top of the hill to the very bottom as they hit bare stone between patches of black ice.

During the holidays, between the near death sledding experiences. We watch Football on TV- as the Packers attempt to break through the ice- but are usually seen displayed flopping on the frozen tundra. I lost faith in the Packers after their lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl XXXII back in 1998. A part of me died that day.

I haven’t been a huge sports fan ever since. I’m not against sports. I don’t think their anymore or any less important than anything else, take comedy for example. And like the Underdog Character played by Comedians, I like the underdog in Sports. I’ll take South Africa in the Winter Olympics over Canada any day of the week.

I also like how winter provides us with a wide variety of non competitive sports such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling, glacier climbing and ice fishing. Winter also provides couples with the added opportunity of staying warm with mattress gymnastics, a non competitive year round sport where everyone is a winner.

So enjoy the winter sports while you still have time. Unlike Antarctica. Who gets winter year around. Lucky dogs.

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