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The Occult 101, Part 2 Illumination Vs. Enlightenment

February 6, 2017 , ,

Click HERE, to read Part 1

The Two Modern Schools of Occult Thought

The Occult means, that which remains hidden from plain site; and a major modern problem comes into play with the stigmatization that the occult is an evil study or more poetically, the study of the darkness behind the light.

These Darkness behind the Light groups focus on figures like: Saturn, Death, Satan, Lucifer, Anton Levy, Aliester Crowley and that Pan looking guy with the pitch fork, which is part true.

Because, it could also mean, that which is veiled, or the light behind the cover of darkness whose groups focus on: God, Angels, Druids, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster and the guy I’m not allowed to paint.

This dual truth often leads to what I call, The Illuminated-Enlightened Paradox.


The Illuminated occult focuses on: Secret Societies, Lucifer, The Anti Christ, The Apocalypse, Demon Worship, Black Magic, Power, Money, Aliester Crowley, Conspiracy Theories, UFO cover Ups, Dystopian Societies, evil cults, dark history, the New World Order. The Illuminated Occult focuses on the negative aspects of the occult. The negative Occult, often uses Illumination as a tool either for recruitment or as propaganda against it, by providing answers.


The Enlightened occult focuses on: Spirituality, white magic, Angels, Jesus, Buddha, Mysticism, God, Utopian Societies, Plato, Social rights, soul development, astral projection, out of body experiences, etc. The Enlightened Focus on the positive aspects of the occult as a way to help people become more enlightened themselves, through questions useful for self growth.

Alternative Schools of Thought

A third rare, Master Wizard School of Thought does exist (think Harry Potter, but in your head, and you made it up) that balances both Illumination and Enlightenment as a way to acquire an unbiased perspective. This is rare. Good examples are Plato, Rudolph Steiner, Carl Jung and Robert Anton Wilson.

And a super common forth schools exist of people who think they know what they’re talking about but don’t.

A fifth Intellectual School of thought that dismisses it as fantasy and crazy talk.

And a sixth school of scientists and intellectuals who conduct research in occult fields but deny them as such.

Look out for Occult 101, Part 3: My Personal Introduction to Occult Studies and inspires me to understand this material.

Thank you and Vox Bless.

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