Why Men and Woman Fall in Love


The Introduction

Here’s a silly observation on sex roles. It includes some basic human flaws. Plenty of laughs at the expense of others. Enjoy!

The Good

Woman fall in love because of the security he’ll provide her and their children.

Men fall in love because half your stuff is still cheaper than- a financial supervisor, a nurse, a nanny, a housemaid and a truck load of hookers.


“That feeling of bliss when you bang that chick someone else really likes”.

The Bad

Men often love conquering woman more than learning to love them. They’ll fight, stab, out wit, charm, seduce, murder, rape and pillage everything in their paths to keep it all to themselves.

A woman knows that a man will do anything to conquer their pussy and woman isn’t ashamed to drain his bank account faster than can drain his balls.

The Ugly

Then you’ve got gold digging ho’s who can cost even the sweetest guy his house, his wife, his children, his business, his money, his car, their love child and leave him in debt with a multi-million dollar cocaine habit.

But, men are equally bad; using violence, fear and intimidation to keep that p*ssy conquered.

She couldn’t help it. Being that tight little flower you couldn’t help treating  like some sort of bull in a china shop.


The Regretful Lover you wake up next to after being Black Out Drunk

.And, men can’t help it. Swinging around a healthy pouch of potential offspring. Men have to be sex farmers at some point. After all, the seed doesn’t lay itself

And, woman have to be protected. Once a month, she’s a wounded animal; she could be attacked by sharks.

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