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My Introduction into the Occult

February 7, 2017


My Introduction to Occult Studies

The image above is part of a series of books about Occult subjects titled Mystic Places first published in the mid to late eighties.

When I was a kid, my father, being into the Occult himself, displayed this book next to our TV back when I was four or five.

I remember the first time I saw this book because my eyes kinda looked like this-

Photo from the Editors Blog of the Washington Free Beacon


It scared my mom so much, she told my dad to get rid of the book immediately, and in retaliation, he hid the book in his closest for years.

I forgot about it until many years later, when I myself, began to search this subject for answers.

Now, back when the torrent site Demonoid was still around, I had no clue what the hell the occult was; but after I came across a Thirty Three Giga Bites collection of Occult Books- I downloaded it onto my external hard drive- and put it in the corner to collect dust.

I was afraid of what I would find inside:

“Would a demon pop out the moment I open the document? Would I raise the spirit of Jeffery Dhamer from the pits of the abyss after an unsuccessful summoning of Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Would I start wearing black nail polish and refer to myself as Magus Sexmi Eternius?” I feared for my eternal soul.

But mainstream religion wasn’t doing it. What did I really have to lose? My family upbringing of good old fashioned Christianity and fear of everything else had left me hollow and empty. I sought that Occult collection for an alternative heaven.

What I found was a smorgasbord of knowledge that leaves me  both satisfied, and hungry for more. I’ve found more positive than negative here. I not only found heaven. I found the tools necessary to create my own.

For more on this subject, read:

Occult 101, Part 1 & Occult 101, Part 2

Thank you & Vox Bless.

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