A Beautiful Woman is Like a Great Work of Art

A beautiful woman is a lot like a great work of art because you can’t keep your eyes off it. You’re not sure what it is that catches your eye. But it does, and now you’re obsessed. You might, even try to replicate the work onto another canvas. Put, trust me; woman hate that. It didn’t for James Stewart in Vertigo, and it ain’t gonna work for you.

Regardless, a beautiful woman and a great work of art have one major difference. When your done, you’re twelve seconds of glory has the same lasting impression as that painting. It took them weeks, even years to finish that work. You finished in less than a minute. That painting will last a last time. A major accomplishment in the evolution of our species on this planet. But twenty years later, you’ll be hanging out with your buddies going “remember that work of art? Yeah. I painted that face”.


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