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A Lovers Guide to Sexual Mysticism

February 14, 2017


Sex plays an important role in all aspects of life including spiritual. And many different schools and ways of thought exist within this realm. But I’d like to focus on a system of spiritual teachings brought down from the oral traditions of our ancestors that not only helps our spiritual well being; but also connect with our missing piece; and connect with the divine in the process as well. It focuses on balance and harmony between partners as the keys to acquiring success with this system.

Sexual Mysticism Part 1, Controlling the Sexual Fires

This concept was so pivotal to Napoleon Hill, that he wrote an entire Chapter in his book, Think and Grow Rich titled The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.

If the (Sex Emotion, or fire) is not transmuted into something creative. It will find a less worthy expression.

-Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

However, the taming of the sexual fires dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed in the Kundalini. The Kundalini is symbolized by the snake spiraling up a pole. The Egyptians believed that by controlling the sexual fire within the Stomach, connected with the womb and where we get the phrase “gut feeling”, our Koundalini will rise up through our body and into the universe where we will receive divine insight*. Hill calls this our Psychic ability. But Hill leaves out some other key concepts and how they are utilized for the fullest potential.


Image of the Kundalini

When brain action has been stimulated… it has the effect of lifting the individual far above the horizon of ordinary thought, letting them envision distance, scope and quality of thoughts.

-Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Sexual Mysticism Part 2, One month vow of Celibacy

The monks of the past used celibacy as a form of self discipline over the sex emotion, allowing the monk to use this technique to control their sexual fire for the purpose of Mystical insight. This insight is mentioned throughout Hill’s chapter on The Mystery of Sex Transmutation, however, Hill doesn’t connect celibacy as a way to mastering these basic concepts.

Mystery Schools like the Universities founded by the Pythagorean Brotherhood also used celibacy, for one month, as a way to mentalsexual-mysticism-firesly prepare the individual for initiation into the  Brotherhood.

Now, this celibacy mean’t refrain from not just sex in all forms including masturbation but also from sexual thoughts in general. It was a way for the individual to acquire mastery over their sexual fires.

I suggest everyone take this month of celibacy at some point in their lives as a way to acquire self discipline over your basic emotions. It doesn’t have to be permanent. It’s a way to focus that drive into more constructive endeavors.

Sexual Mysticism Part 3, Androgyny

Today, androgyny is described as someone who looks and dresses like they could be either male or female. In ancient times, these male and female characteristics were attributed to natural sexual forces that can be balanced within the individual for the purpose of mental balance and increased potency of the sexual fires. In Egypt, this was used to stimulate the Kundalini and increase its effect*. It’s also where we get the symbols of the Sun and the Moon & Ying/ Yang.


The Sexual Fire surrounded by the Koundalini and the Seven Chakra’s

In India, this is obtained when one harmonizes their chakras or major vortex points on the body that line the center of the body from the base of the spine up through the center of the brain.

And it is through: celibacy, androgynous balance and Harmony of the Chakras, one is able to master their sexual energy for spiritual insight and creative genius (read Napoleon Hills chapter The Mysteries of Sex Transmutation from Think and Grow Rich for more insight).

Sexual Mysticism Part 4: Kindred Spirits, Soul Friends, Soul Mates, Twin Flames and the Alchemical Marriage.


The first three parts focused on the Sexual Self. This second part deals with connecting with your lover on a spiritual level for the purpose of reaching higher states of

Kindred Spirits is defined as, two people who share similar interests. And like us, our Ancestors also had terms for these types of relationships for couples.

sexual-mysticismThe Ancient Celts believed in the Anam Cara, or soul friend. An Anam Cara, according to Basal, “is an individual who accepts you for who you are and helps you to open up your inner light to the spiritual experience in yourself and in the joy of others”.

The Celts believed that the Anam Cara was the first step towards becoming soul mates. Soul Mate defines it as two separate souls bond together for a similar purpose. The Celts saw this union as two souls uniting into one flame.

Now, this concept of soul mates was seen even in Ancient Greece. Plato, in one of his more obscure works, the Symposium; suggests that mankind was once a two headed human with two sets of genitals. And that sometime in the past, these two headed people were separated, and doomed to live life after life trying to find their missing half.


This is also different than a Soul Mate relationship, which according to Soul Mate, is called a Twin Flame relationship. A Twin flame relationship is one where one soul has to souls.

The Alchemical Marriage is then the union of these twin flames, like Soul Mates in the highest Celtic sense, is the merging of these two souls into one fire. Through the process of the Alchemical Marriage, according to Spiritual, the masculine and the feminine sexual forces between lovers forge into equilibrium, becoming one fire.


The Alchemical Marriage is a external form of Androgyny. When both lovers reach the Alchemical Marriage within themselves and then in each other, they have mastered Sexual Mysticism for it is the closest one will get to the divine in this life.

However, their are ways you can increase this potency and speed up these processes. The two below are ways used by our ancestors for tapping into Mystical States of Consciousness.

Sexual Mysticism Part 5, Transcendental Love & Chasity



“the greatest love stories were told in the Middle Ages, when noble and gentle hearts produced the romantic love that transcended lust. This love between individual men and women, Amor, was celebrated by wandering minstrel”.

-Joesph Campbell, Power of Myth Episode 5, excerpt taken from Bill

I agree with Campbell. Lust is the most common form of sexual expression. To transcend lust into higher realms of sexual depth is paramount for acquiring higher depths of mystic sexual insight.

However, transcendental love, should also encompass all aspects of physical laws and rules of man, a love that is a deep unconditional intimate woven bond between partners. It must overlook all class, race, creed, nation and religion. It must be a love that knows no bounds.


The other concept is Chasity. The modern definition is the refrain from sexual intercourse. Chastity in the Mystical sense, was a way to stimulate the sexual fires by refraining from orgasm. And like Celibacy, it is a form of self control by putting the needs of your lover before your own.

  • The stuff on the Kundalini and the Alchemical Marriage comes from a Gnostic video I came across on youtbe that gets into detail some alternative Christian views on traditional sexuality. It was released by the Thelma Press as The Great Arcanum.



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