The Brief History of Famous Couples who took that Until Death part Seriously

Throughout history, we find those rare couples who actually like each other (most of the time). Sometimes, their crazy in love and other times, just plain crazy. These couples took their love straight to the grave, or others along with them. Here’s the rundown.

A white Cleopatra holding a dying Mark Anthony. Makes sense, I guess.

Marc Anthony and Cleopatra: So, Julius Caesar is dead; and Octavian, now the Emperor Augustus, is telling the citizens of Rome that Marc is sleeping with the enemy. And instead of riding back into Rome to defend his honor, Marc stays with Cleopatra to raise an army against the Roman legions. Well, Augustus has raised a successful enough campaign against Marc Anthony to waltz into Egypt and take it over. In retaliation, Marc Anthony and Cleopatra commit suicide.

Years later, another famous couple will also commit suicide, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun except you know, the fact that Marky Mark, Hitler was a psychopath.

I wonder how many wives it took before they started to realize this wasn’t going to end well?

King Henry VIII and his 100 Wives: Henry had his six wives, few of which reached old age, thanks to Henry’s inability to produce a strong male heir to succeed him. His obsession with finding a woman fertile enough to produce a male heir, you know, because the sperm has nothing to do with it, lead to some dark freaky places in English History. But it was Henry’s baby Mama Drama that lead to such events as the Protestant Reformation and the rise of one of England’s most popular rulers, Bloody Mary.


Peter and Catherine the Great (in the Bedroom): Peter along with his forth wife, the waitress Catherine, were both notorious for extra material affairs. But both were pretty open about it even after Catherine produced a son with another dude. And Catherine severed the Empire of Russia well for the next four years after Peter’s death until her death in bed after a stroke. But rumor spread that she died after….after…the reigns broke on her horse.Read more here,


In 1993, according to, a suicide note left by Animal Trainer Hannibal Cantori, reveals that the reason for the murder suicide of him and is wife was triggered by Cantori finding his wife in their stable going all Animal Channel with one of the horses. It shows a horse long tradition with the fascination of stable related deaths.

Rosanna McCoy and Johnson Hatfield: part of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud between two rival families who lived on adjacent sides of a big ass river. The young couple decided that screwing each other was a nice change a pace. But, in 1881, Johnson decided to ditch the pregnant Rosanna and married his cousin instead; but not before some good old fashioned killing each other took place due to humping.


One could see this as a modern day Romeo and Juliet love story, but less romantic.

Marie and Pierre Curie: Famous lab rats who revolutionized the way we study and understand radioactivity that won them both the Nobel Peace prize. But, at the price of years of unregulated exposure to both of their demises.

And so first fell Pierre, and some years later Marie, but only before winning another Nobel Prize for Chemistry. But before Pierre’s Death, they would produce a daughter that would become the wife of another famous Science dual who will also win the Nobel Prize.


In contrast, Mary Wollstonecraft, a famous writer and advocate of woman’s right would fall in love with the radical Political philosopher William Godwin; and die after giving birth to a daughter who would later become Marry Shelly, famous writer of Frankenstein and woman’s advocate who married the radical poet, Percy Shelly.

Will and Ariel Durant: Famous Historians who wrote the ridiculously thick collection of Western Civilization titled: The Story of Civilization that runs in 11 volumes. Will was also super into Philosophy, writing and teaching that crap as well. But a month after Ariel’s Death, Will died as well.

It is said that a red fern grows between lovers who died due to separation from their beloved partner.

And yet nothing beats the mathematically precise death of Math Gods, George Szekeres and Esther Klein who died only an hour apart on August 28, 2005.


Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow: Famous bank robbers and criminals everyone knows about from the Great Depression or something. They died riddled in bullets. Watch the 1967 classic or the History Channel if you wanna know dates.

But Bonnie and Clyde, like the 1967 classic film, are tame compared to the English couple Fred and Rosemary West who turned their 1970’s swingers palace into both a whore house and a house of horrors; that included prostitution, incest and the murder of several woman. Read the article,, for more.

Marylin Monroe and Pretty much Everyone Famous from that Time Period with a Penis: Legendary sex icon from the fifties and sixties, Monroe is famous off cameras for fooling around with such figures as JFK, the initials for President John “F*ck everything that Moves” Kennedy, Arthur Miller and famous ball tosser, Joe DiMaggio. But it was during the marriage with Stick Swinger DiMaggio, that lead to her mysterious and untimely death.

Kennedy was once the pillar of the community…and Monroe was one of the many women who touched it.

But Monroe is the only lover of the Horny president found dead. Another example, is the Socialite Mary Meyer. Read,, to learn more.


Katia and Maurice Krafft: French Volcanologists famous for recording and photographing lava flows decided to get a closer look at a Japanese Volcano in 1991. They were never seen again. Speaking of Japan, the couple Sachi and Tomio Hidaka died from heart attacks after waiting many years before finally consummating the marriage. This is considered the most popular death on the show, 1001 Ways to Die according to

Go back to sleep America.

Bill and Hilary Clinton: We are all familiar with this dynamic couples penis and cellphone scandals of Hil-Bill-ary. What we are not familiar with the long list of people who’ve crossed paths with the Clinton’s and either show up missing or dead. The Web Article, gives a list of 33 connections of strange deaths associated with the political dynasty.


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