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Why we should Fear E.books becoming the New Age Library of Alexandria

February 17, 2017 ,


Dear, Fellow Writers, Authors and Bookworms

I fear that due too the conditions in today’s world, the literature of our civilizations are threatened in the years too come. And if we don’t make the necessary steps today, our children’s children will suffer the same conditions as that of the Library of Alexander.

The Library of Alexandria is said too have once contained the largest collection of books in the world with millions of Papyrus scrolls and thousands of manuscripts. Legend has it that the majority of all that work vanished due too a fire, but history tells a different story. History tells us that neglect is the great fire that burned down the library. The short life shelf of the papyrus scrolls (roughly fifty years) lead to decay until the only thing left was the ashes of hundreds of years of research and creative expression lost forever. [Kinda makes me wanna cry].


I fear that the future of literature is in a similar condition that one could brush off as paranoia. But only because the process of decay hasn’t become evident. It’ll probably be another 100 to 200 years before today’s books show signs of rot. It’s not a danger today. But in 2112, it could be a major issue that’s well beyond repair.

And with more e.books and blog posts and social media sites, the written word is going through one of its most explosive time periods. Like the Library of Alexandria of the Ancient World, websites like, and, host massive collections of literature either for free or for a price.

My concern lies in several factors:

1) the neglect of old manuscripts leading to their decay.

2) The only surviving manuscripts being transcripts who lost the original message.

3)  E Books replacing physical books too all out extinction that makes censorship and editorial changes a constant threat to the original message of the author.

4) These E.Books falling into the wrong hands that leads too the control of censorship.

5) The dependency on the format leading to digital only writing that gets wiped out by Electron Magnetic Pulse Bombs, unexpected solar flares or a terrorist computer virus.

The future of our literature could face the greatest extinction of its written word since the fall of the Great Library of Alexander with the Internet acting as the greatest World Library since Alexandria. It is important that we correct our mistake for future generations.

The way to do this is by having local libraries focus less on holding onto and loaning out a mass volume of works; by focusing on storing and preserving works by local authors especially original works and first editions. We can help to avoid losing today’s mega literary output. Thank you, and Vox Bless.

Jordan Dumer


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