WTF? 7 Mysteries of the Ancient World

INTRODUCTION to the 7 Common Structures that still Baffles Modern Man

Pyramids, Stonehenge’s, Effigy Mounds and big ass statues from around the world have left modern man thinking, “What the F*ck?” Are these just freak occurrence, or do these sites tell us something, like maybe human beings have existed for a long ass time and we’re just the back wash of civilizations far older and in most cases, way cooler than our own.  I don’t have the answers, although I assume the Smithsonian has a clue, locked up Indiana Jones style in the Film studio used too shoot parts of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. We may never know the answers but we are certainly left with questions. Like why do they keep finding stuff underwater?

UNDERWATER PYRAMIDS… and Pyramids in general


Is this an underwater Pyramid or part of the worlds largest Aquarium?

Underwater Pyramids have been spotted all around the world including Rock Lake in Lake Mills Wisconsin which is near an abandoned Native American settlement called Aztalan. The website Collective Evolution  writes about a 20,000 year old pyramid near Portugese could be evidence of a civilization living before the Ice Age melted the Northern Ice Cap causing the ocean levels to dramatically rise.

I believe the Biblical flood story is an oral tradition of this event passed down from generation to generation; and that an advanced civilization existed in the Southern Hemisphere where Africa, South America and the Pacific Islands dominated before the rising tides swallowed the coasts and caused massive populations to drift towards the fertile river basins of North America, Europe and Asia. Regardless of underwater or not, pyramids remain probably the most powerful monuments left by our Ancestors and often, the most mysterious.

GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA… And pretty Much all of EGYPT


Was it aliens who built it? Was it an ancient society before the last ice age? Was it both? Was it neither? It’s 2017, in this shit still blows our minds.

There has never been a building as mysterious and controversial as the Great Pyramids of Giza with the exception of a couple others mentioned here on this post. The Great Pyramids are so well constructed, that Archaeologists are like, “I can’t figure this shit out. And I know my great great Grandfather Ignoramus Dumas III could barely figure out his female counterpart let alone building the most bad ass building in the world. Aliens built it”. But the most tantalizing theory is one that describes the Pyramid as a natural energy generator that used the Nile to harvest Hydrostatic energy. However, let’s also not forget that Egypt is also home too….

STONEHENGE… and other big rock circles


If we humans can’t build this shit today than it must have been aliens. Check and mate. I am now an official Archaeologist.  

I believe that giants built Stonehenge out of Ancient Domino pieces but maybe I’m wrong. This ancient marvel is said to have been used for one thing or another. I’ve read about how it’s believed to be a calendar used by locals to chart the night skies. It’s also said to be used for rituals during important seasonal changes of the year. Or maybe its built by ancient pranksters, I doubt it, but its fun to think that a culture of people would go out of there way to mess with our heads on such an epic scale. But these monuments remain common in North America as well and have shown up like Pyramids, from all around the world.

MACHU PICCHU…and Pretty much all of PERU


An image of Peru’s least crazy ancient site. Archaeologists suggest that humans might actually have built these palace in the sky.

The only other country more astonishing that Egypt in its architecture is the country of Peru. The country holds many important historical sites such as Puma Puku and Manchu Picchu. Machu Picchu is an extraordinary marvel of luxury and mystery, this high mountain palace even had running water. But that’s nothing compared to the ruins of Tiawanku whose megalithic stone monuments surpass the great Pyramids in size and density. WTF Peru, WTF

NAZCA LINES…And other big Ass mounds in General


An Image of what the ancients might have looked like during the creation process of the Nazca Lines.

Peru is also home to the Nazca lines that many speculate were created by the locals as an a calling card for the sky gods. It looks like in some areas to be a giant airport. Whatever it is, we find these strange glyph’s all over the world including again in Wisconsin.

ABANDONED CITIES…. like the modern day Detroit but much older… and with less of a creepy murder vibe.


Ancient Observatory in Chichen Itza possibly abandoned after the local automobile industry collapsed.   

The Americas especially Mexico is home to a large number of complex cities that seem to get abandoned for no reason. Why would the natives abandon their bad ass settlements faster than a dead beat dad runs away from responsibility? This is another one of those mysteries. But some of the most well known are the Mexican city of Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and the Anasazi Tribe of Colorado.

EASTER ISLAND… and Big F*ckin’ Statues in really Obscure Places


Nobody knows why this isolated Island off the coast of South America is home to some of the biggest statues in the world. But it is and we got to accept the fact that an advanced civilizations seemed to blossom before the last great Ice Age. Regardless, other crazy statues have surfaced from our ancient past such as the Terracotta warriors of China and the giant statues of Buddha found all over Asia as far Afghanistan.


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