“A problem occurs when the individual sees their place in the group, instead of their place in the whole”

The problem today is that people focus on their place in the systems that they have some form of control over: family and work mostly, instead of working towards understanding higher systems and how they can use those systems: the collected and universal consciousness found in humanity and in all things both great and small; and how higher levels of understanding will have a direct affect over the outcomes of our actions on every level, both higher and lower.



I have not only found out, but have proven to myself, that by understanding my place in the greater whole of all existence, I know what it is I can do to help my family, help my friends, help my business and help my co workers. I can get the very best out of my situation; and even better yet, I can also see what needs improvement, and work harder towards making it even better.


By understanding my situation on every level, I’ve not only become less dependent, but also both independent and interdependent. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to provide questions, and more than willing to work with others towards finding a solution.


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