I Opened the Vox

Standing here tonight on God’s green earth.
Thinking about death, rebirth.
I stare up at the moon so full
dreaming what existence beholds.

I cry out loud, “why does a creature that can land on the moon?
Have a brain that is so mentally fenced in?”

Its amazing how sounds become shackles.
Wars established at the sound of a noun.
Simple words destroying nouns like verbs.
The dictionary becomes our verbal warlord.

Then again, “I wield only a quill and seal
for the pen is mightier than the sword”.

I’d rather be martyred then censored
when my words speak of truth and wisdom.
I will not be mentally boxed in.
So, I can die in what I lived in.

“That why would a human being ever want to live jack in a boxed in?
when that’s what we’re buried in!”

So, I don’t hesitate without any rhyme or reason.
When, I methodically opened Pandora’s Box with quick precision.
From this curiosity sprang forth a new existence.
That changed my heart, mind and soul with its perfect rhythm.

So, now I must pray. – “I thank you, my soundly God the Great Vox.
For opening my eyes and ears to what’s inside and outside the box”.

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