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10 Interesting Underground Figures You Probably Never Knew Live Among Us

March 13, 2017

“I-was-asked-once-your-a-smart-man-why-arnt-you-rich Jacque Fresco

  1. Jacques Fresco: Inventor, Social Engineer & forgotten intellectual best know for his Venus project in several films including the Zeitgeist Trilogy and his book The Best that Money Can’t Buy conflicts with the corporate views held by the media and the current institutions.noam chomsky quote
  2. Noam Chomsky: Writer, Philosopher, Social Activist and Father of Modern Linguistics; Noam Chomsky is one of America’s leading intellectuals whose political views of Social Democracy and Anarchy have left him out of the public spot light.quote-the-universe-is-not-in-a-steady-state-there-s-an-ongoing-creative-principle-in-nature-rupert-sheldrake-105-14-01
  3. Rupert Sheldrake: Biologist, Chemist and Physic Researcher, famous for his banned TedX lecture on the myths of Science and about his curious studies his theory on Morphic Resonance have left him isolated from the Intellectual community and the media. ghrahm hancock
  4. Graham Hancock: Writer and Researcher famous for his investigations into Ayahausca tea, Egyptian Mysteries and most recently, scientific discoveries into the Last Great Ice Age. Like Sheldrake, Hancock also had a TedX lecture banned where he described a recent Ayahausca trip that involved vivid concepts in Egyptian Spirituality.quote-we-are-all-our-own-graveyards-i-believe-we-squat-amongst-the-tombs-of-the-people-we-clive-barker-38-34-02
  5. Clive Barker: Famous horror writer and artist of the occult, Barker is most notably famous for his novella the Hellbound Heart which would later become the classic horror film Hellraiser which was also directed by Barker.alex-jones-400x225
  6. Alex Jones: Internet Journalist best known for his conspiracy theories and angry tangents on some of the most controversial subjects in recent times. He’s best known for sneaking into Bohemian Club where he video tapped one of their famous rituals. Several conspiracy theories also surround Alex Jones including on about him being Bill Hicks, the famous dead comedian. Jesse Ventura
  7. Jessie Ventura: Pro Wrestler, Soldier, Governor of Minnesota, Writer and contemporary of Alex Jones who has become an iconic underground figure in recent years for his tv show Conspiracy Theories with Jessie Ventura. The controversy surrounding court cases against HarperCollins and the novel American Sniper have left him mostly out of the public spot.Sitchin-Egypt
  8. Zachariah Sitchin: Famous Linguist of Hebrew, Akkadian and Assyrian among other ancient dead languages. He is known for his ancient alien views that we were visited by extraterrestrial beings in the ancient past. His alternative views have made him an underground figure.Jim-Marrs-WikiLeaks
  9. Jim Mars: The most famous writer and occult researcher in the world including his well known studies on the conspiracies surrounding the assassination of JFK which became the material for the Oliver Stone film JFK.david-ickes-quotes-2
  10. David Icke: English Sports Journalist, Actor and Occult writer famous for his interview in the film Religious where his New Age beliefs have come to dominate his writings deemed to alternative for public discussion.


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