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Is Global Warming a Problem?

March 16, 2017

Lets put it this way. If you lived in a bubble with a bio degradable layer protecting you from the suns hot rays. Would you fuck that up by burning an oil lamp, putting on some disgusting cologne and keeping a bunch of farting cows around?

The weird thing is that when the great ice cap melted it happened pretty quick.  A couple thousand years. How long will it take before we notice that the land mass keeps shrinking every couple hundred years?

We could have grown hemp and make high quality bio degradable  goods, built smaller houses in places like caves and alongside hills, construct the massive projects of Tesla that focused on providing free energy to every single human being on the planet, provide fresh water to every single person and grow fresh fish and vegetables inside every home; and orchards,  gardens and free range livestock on every lawn. Where’s your overpopulation now?

No, we want to rape this planet balls deep until Washington DC is buried six feet underwater. And people wont notice. They’ll keep migrating inward until North American looks like big penis surrounded by water. The rocky mountains by this time will become a bunch of islands. Mount Rushmore will break apart and later be mistaken as the mysterious Easter Island.

And after the rest of humanity kills each other off in nuclear annihilation, the trash heap we left in the oceans will connect to the trash dumps on land; creating a land bride to a new kind of civilization.


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