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Our True Faith

March 19, 2017

I grew up a Christian American. I don’t know what that means anymore; but  I think it’s weird that more American Christians put their faith in money more than well, God. I’m sorry for sounding backward but I’d rather put my faith in the concept that a hippie from the near east walked on water than I do our own currency system. Does that make me cynical? Maybe. Why do you get the monopoly on excuses? Having more money doesn’t make you more right. A billion dollars isn’t going to change my opinion that the solar system revolves around the sun and not you”.

This why I respect Mormons. I’m not a Mormon but I’m intelligent enough to see that six wives and one hundred acres of farmland as a pretty sound investment. Plus, you never have to worry about cheap labor.

But the point is this. People don’t have faith in ideas anymore. They have faith in another person’s ideas. You know, as long as its proven marketable.

I’m sorry. I’m just sick and tired of the lack of faith. Nobody has faith. They all have mouths and have no problem describing their established ideas with you. You know these people. You want to write a book or travel the world and they’re like, “well, how do plan to afford such an eccentric endeavor? You should probably work your way up the ladder, you know, start saving up now. Maybe find yourself some part-time work”.

I could never be one of those “Why don’t you get yourself a job” kind of people. I’m sorry, I don’t think that’s the cure all for life. But mostly I’m just scared that one of those people will take myself seriously, get a gig on the side as an assassin, work their way up the assassin ladder into a cold calculated killer until one day they get a contract for my name. I wrote a post or something that pissed off the wrong people and now I got this guy after my ass creeping in the shadows. And what am I suppose to do? Confront him? “Hey man, have you ever thought about quitting your job and starting a new career path?”

I want to be one of those cool advice guys like “like you should totally go for it, man. Take a risk. You wanna travel? Buy a camera and start a blog where you go around and talk about local parks and historical sites. Then start applying for scholarships and travel grants. Build a business plan around your travels and know exactly where you need to go and what you need to get to your destination. And learn the language or go to England, you know, dip your toes a little bit”.

Where’s that guy when you need him? Everywhere. He’s just sp impoverished that you pretend he doesn’t exist. And, he’s broke, because who wants to hire the kid with the dreams when you can hire the mommy with three baby daddies and zero aspirations.You try explaining at a job interview. “Yeah, I need this job to pursue my dreams while you wallow here in hatred waiting for a better paying job to call you back”. I’m mean you don’t want to lie about your goals but you don’t want them to fizzle out so gotta keep it to yourself until you’re co- workers realize you yes, good; so they start to resent you until they push you too far and you’re like “fuck this” and catch the first plane to South America. And for that, I salute you.

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