Is it Strange that I feel that I have Fewer Rights Now then during my Childhood?

I’m very backward. Take for example my frustration with the fact that kids, corporations, and Computers have more rights than I do.

Did you know it’s illegal to buy a computer, open it up and make it better? It’s perfectly Ok for your bosses computer to open up and fuck with your programming all day every day to try to make you faster but the other way around?

Or take how when I was in high school, they passed a law in Wisconsin where parents would be held accountable for their kid’s truancy.

So now we’re going to give these kids the responsibilities wavered from a prince by passing it off to the whipping boy? It’s not every parent’s fault their kids decided to become your run of the mill sociopath.

I mean. If the kids a loser than the kids a loser. Why drag the whole family down? I mean your kids a low life. Isn’t that punishment enough?

Now you have to take the whole household down because of your fucked up laws put into play by people who don’t even have kids.

Parents going to jail because their son escaped from juvenile prison as the lucky mothers scream monsters at the feral one’s decent parents.

All the kid’s siblings put into foster care hoping they don’t get caught up with a family whose father figure has the eyes of a wolf.

So now the whole families fucked. The parents can’t find a decent job and get hung up on heroin. The kids end up working dead end jobs and maybe work their way up to assistant manager at a Barnes and Nobel, I said maybe.

This is a tough job market. I don’t just blame the foreigners. I blame the corporations for hiring them. JK. Their cheap and know six languages. I’m cheap and only know one.

I blame the education system. The modern school will be nothing but work out benches with children wearing matching wife beaters and orange jumpers with teachers carrying a piece in their fanny pack.

I feel bad for teachers. Their bosses sold out to the corporations like every other institution. The only future in Education is Administration and Football. My teachers were mad that they were forced to give us corporate testing. I mean why else do you become a teacher besides to fight the machine? Speaking of the machine.

I especially dislike how the corporations are never held responsible. They fire the CEO and hire a new guy and everyone pretends that everything is different. Do you think some of these CEO’s wanna do the evil things they do? They have bosses too you know, a whole table of them. And really at that point, you have two choices: play along or lose everything because you know too much. I’m not saying that makes it OK, you have no one to blame but yourself for putting you in this situation.

I’m just saying why stop at the CEO? Why not fire the majority stock holders? Or how about beheading the King on his Burger throne; and give the money back to the lives he destroyed with those creepy commercials. Is that too much to ask for?

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