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Overcoming the Dark Knight of the Soul

March 30, 2017

I read a booklet written by Manly P. Hall titled The Unseen Forces which discusses the Four Elements and their connection with the Pagan Initiation Rituals of: Earth, Water, Fire and Air back in early 2016.


I was working on a Novel titled, Misfortune and Fame, which is about a struggling Comedy Blogger who decides after a massive writers block, to reach immortality in the literary world by committing suicide by performing a noble act.

For example, the character would try to save someone from a burning building (fire) and die in the process, becoming a kind of folk hero, but every time it fails, and more people die as a result, it leads to more publicity, increasing his global presence, boosting his popularity, and adding more and more pressure from his growing fan base.

But what I found interesting during this brief research period (I put Misfortune and Fame on the back burner, to work on a Dystopian/Utopian Satire and to polish up on my Supernatural Comedy Horror, The Witches Have Their Hour) is that the Batman Franchise uses these symbols extensively like for example:


Manly P. Hall describes this second initiation or Water Ritual, as diving into the waters in search of the Great Pearl, the pearl symbolizing in Hall’s booklet, that deepest and most beautiful desire within yourself and you’re ability to seek it at all costs.

This only adds to the dramatic symbolism found in the Batman mythos, the pearl being Bruce Wayne’s parents (his deepest desire) who are taken from him, add to the rich inner psychology of the tormented Bruce Wayne/Batman character.

And if you read Manly P. Hall’s booklet The Unseen Forces, and watch Batman Vs. Superman (the first movie), a lot of these symbols found in Manly P. Hall’s work is also found throughout the movie.


But Batman and Ancient Symbolism isn’t just found in Batman Vs. Superman. It’s also found in The Dark Knight including its very title.

The Ancient Chaldean people, as expressed by Robert Anton Wilson, also known as RAW, states in his book Prometheus Rising, that the word Dark Knight, has a special significance in the mystical teachings of the Chaldean’s.

The Chaldean’s saw the Dark Knight of the Soul as the threshold once faces during Consciousness development where the Neuro or Psycho Somatic state, like that triggered by Cannabis users (this is also mentioned in Prometheus Rising), has the ability to cause paranoia, uncomfortably, isolation and depression that can sometimes last years.

This is similar to the Dragon mythos in European Tradition (unlike, the wise Chinese symbol of Good Fortune or the Indian symbol of Spiritual renewal through the shedding of the skin), the Dragon and Dark Knight of the Soul, act as opposing forces between the Earthly hell of Lower Consciousness and the Spiritual Heavens of higher consciousness.

This could also explain why people warn others about: reading the occult, studying spirituality or opening up the Pineal Gland. Because, unless you’re ready, this type of material could lead to dark and scary places.

Which makes sense because consciousness development leads to change; and change leads to resistance; and who wants to give up whats work for them in the past on a future that’s uncertain?

But I ask you not to worry. For once you overcome or defeat the Dark Knight of the Soul, you will find paradise, like in the Divine Comedy, where one must face hell before they allowed to enter into heaven. Kind of like the Orpheus myth. But I’ve said enough already.


What do you think?

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