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Fools Path of the Ascended Jester

April 1, 2017 , ,

The Master Path of the Fool, and his attempt to reach the level of Ascended Jester has lived many lives and has gone by many names, both professionally and by birth. What makes the Ascended Jester different from other spiritual paths is that in every life, he reaches high levels of enlightenment; and is eventually banished, imprisoned or murdered by society for taking his craft to new levels.

And yet, once again he returns like the Phoenix, reborn in the flesh, the ascended Jester, to get the proverbial pie in the face, or in most cases, martyred.

In Egypt,

You learned the arts of speech and writing; and after having sketched the first realistically small phallus upon the Pharaohs tomb; you were thrown into the Nile for treason; and fed to the Crocodiles.

In Greece,

You learned the bardic arts of Music and Poetry; and after writing a political comedy offensive towards the Gods; was banished from Athens.

In Rome,

You Learned the Troupe Arts of Acting and Dancing; and after traveling the cities of the Latin world; performed a revealing act involving the emperor and his horse; and was suspiciously mistaken as a Christian and fed to the Detroit Lions.

In England,

You learned the Jester arts of Wit and story; where you entertained the king and his court and his guests; before getting drunk and joking to the prince about the time you entertained his mom behind the rose garden; and spent the rest of your life chained to the dungeon Walls.

And although the Ascended Jester has tried, failed, tried, and failed again; as is the path of the Fool found in all of nature; and perseverance through endless cycles of fart jokes; that has lead him to his transformation as ascended Jester.

After all, the Jester was only for hire ( usually by force) by the king as his personal entertainer. He learned to write his own material and perform it live often with musical accompaniment because his career depended on it (and usually did his life as well). Plus, it was something cool to do during dinner parties and other daily activities during a time when MP3 players were the work of sorcery.

Plus, it was a good career move to slip a joke in about the Duke of Earl trying to pull a Machiavelli on the King’s wife.

But the Ascended Jester is more than just a clown on stage;

In Paris,

You learned the Clown Arts of Magic and Acrobats; where in Paris you insulted the local art movement for lack of enlightenment; and was later stabbed to death by a mime dressed as a clown.

And so continues the path of the Fool. But one who seeks ascension breaks this cycle and becomes an ascended jester. The Ascended Jester becoming a king with no following and no real authority. The Fool leads himself; and only himself down the path of the Ascended Jester.

Those who seek the path of the Ascended Jester displays the virtues of mediation and diplomacy. The Ascended Jester uses his talents as a fool to save the kingdom, help the king and keep the peace.

Those who seeks the path of the Ascended Jester must display the virtues of Teaching and Lecturing. The Ascended Jester is to use his talents as a fool to teach the message of the fools path to the kingdom, to the king; and to the people.

Those who seek the Path of Ascended Jester must display the Virtues of Wisdom and Truth. The Ascended Master must use his talents as a fool to spread the message of the truth and wisdom found upon the fools path to enlighten the Kingdom, the King and the common man.

Those who have lived and died these paths can only know the true essence of Jester Ascension.


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