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Weekly Humor, When Worlds Super Collide

April 1, 2017 ,

Theses are certainly crazy times we live in. When someone says that Ancient Giant Man Eating Reptillian’s being summoned out of the inter dimensional portals created by the super collider. I go yeah, sounds about right.

Things gotten so crazy, even Satan’s scared of the Illuminati. They keep summoning him to sign their Vatican contracts to start building temples in 33 key locations across his infernal kingdom.

Not to mention exhausted because they keep spilling his GMO ridden seed across the Earth, seducing him with Chris Angels and promises of more genocide; while trying to get him drunk enough to persuade him to have sex with one of the Royal families salmon they captured and brought into sex slavery.

And we need to be conCERNed, because as we speak, the people running the Super Collider are summoning Shiva to do the dance of death so they can send Mormons through portals to spread the word of Freemason and black magician Joseph Smith to hell’s high generals.

And now, hell is slowly becoming a corporation with the majority of the lost left to their own devices as the archdukes work towards receiving their masters degree in Social Political Economics. And Satan is always out of the Office, playing golf with the Czars, the Sultans and the Federal Reserve.

But, that’s the world we live in today.

The world is impoverished. Jobs are scarce. Obesity is rampant. Our elections are rigged. The infrastructure is out of date. The money is fake. We’re crazy apes running around being stupid.

But the Swedish Government believes it’s responsible to blow up particles for the purpose of becoming God, or at least to acquire God like understanding. Yeah. Maybe we should focus on like not killing each other first.

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