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Eurocentricism… and them Damn Greeks

April 2, 2017

Eurocentricism is the weirdest shit ever. How could racism ever be an issue in South Africa? You’re surrounded by either vast stretches of ocean or an ocean of black people. You literally have to travel from one end of the globe to another so you can remember who you are and where you come from- like Dave Chapelle. [I probably shouldn’t tell that joke in South Africa.]

Europeans once believed that white people settled in Egypt and Africa first. I think that over the millenia, a lot of people settled in Egypt and Africa first, and considering the vast affect the white complexion has had on Africans, I’m pretty sure Europeans lost that race a long time ago.

Europeans are so pretentious, they think that everything they’re taught and know is always better than the shit your ancestors pulled out of the either- kinda weird for a culture that thought the Jewish Bible needed a sequel.

But the weirdest shit is this. Europeans still trace their cultural ancestry back to Greece. But they found artifacts in places like Bosnia and Transylvania that predates even the Romans. But we’re not told this because that part of Europe is kind of like the deep south.

The Greek writers used to brag about how they stole everything from the Egyptians and for thousands of year’s Europeans went, “What didn’t the Greeks do first?”

Do we really wanna be like the Greeks? They put the White Confucious on trial for treason and his student Plato, one of the most Democratic figures in world history, wrote a book called the Republic.

Now I love Greek Culture. I love world culture. But I have a special love for Greece even though Athens was the San Fransisco of the ancient world.

I had a buddy who once asked me, “You know about those Greeks right?” And I was like “I don’t know? They wrote the Illiad and built a bunch of bad ass status?” He looked at me and laughed. “No stupid. They’re known for their love of men”.

Which is true. The Greeks loved the male form. I prefer the female form but then again I’m not Greek. I would have been a revolutionary figure in the Grecian art world for being the only person producing decent porn.

The Greeks would look at my sculpture of a couple making love and get culturally offended by it- I’d be forced to live in isolation by a waterfall with my loving wife picking berries and trading with Shaman.

Could you imagine living in Athens during that time period? Full grown men hitting on little boys in public. I never got that? I understand the gay part, fun and baby free, but the whole finding the timid innocence of someone who’ll never have the power and authority you possess is the gayest shit I’ve ever heard.

Could you imagine that happening today? I mean besides your local political representative, could you imagine that happening today? Rich dudes hitting on little boys at the park. Caressing their hair as they stand over them with one hand on the wood bench as their hips gyrate back and forth.

You couldn’t say nothing. You’d look over at the guy next to you and be like, “I don’t like that”. And the guy next to you will be like, “So. If you don’t like this country then get the fuck out. I mean look at him. He’s well mannered, dresses nice and seems educated. Plus, he pays his taxes and volunteers in the senate. And do you see the boy getting up? He has a right to make his own choices. He could make a great page boy someday”. I think after hearing that, that even the most astute Atheist, maybe not a Nihilist but certainly an Atheist, would come to realize that maybe Christianity ain’t all that bad.

What do you think?

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