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Can the Rich be Enlightened?

April 5, 2017

Let’s look at it this way: say you own all the known gold in the neighborhood and everyday people come to you asking for gold. Let’s say, you never give any away and always ask for two coins for every coin borrowed. After awhile, everyone in the neighborhood will start owing you gold. Their houses will go neglected, the neighborhood will become destitute. You will have to build a wall to protect your fortune and hire loyal servants and force the property of debtors into your possession and the debtors into bondage.

OR. You could look at your neighborhood and envision a far better place for everyone. You keep so much away for a rainy day, you give some to the poor and hungry, you give some away in coin per coin loans to stimulate local businesses, you give some away to artists and scientists and you use some to construct massive engineering projects to improve your neighborhood. This is the secret of the Enlightened Wealthy.


The Wealthy Enlightened make up the creative class, the ground layers of long-term stability and high culture. The Wealthy Enlightened focus on quality over quantity; and that a wealthier neighborhood makes for a wealthier individual. The concept is to make the world as wealthy as possible. The Engineers, Scientists, Writers, Athletes, Mathematicians, Priests, Craftsman, Artists, Scholars, Lawyers, Teachers, Musicians, and the Medical Communities make up the majority of creative class; and are often the fields of expertise among the Wealthy Enlightened.


The problem with today’s leaders is that they fall into that first category, reactive. Adam Smith in his work The Wealth of Nations said that “the maximum of the Masters of Mankind is all for themselves and nothing for everyone else”. The Eye in the Sky on the back of the dollar bill is symbolic of this structure, the Creative class has become separated from Leadership which is now its own Class made up of CEO’s, Coaches, business owners, etc. But still, even they can’t touch the financial Class of Bankers, Financiers, Multi International Corporate Conglomerates and Wallstreet Gamblers.

The accumulated wealth of this untouchable 1% is ungodly, but what about the top .01%?Democracy has dissolved to what Tyrant do you want to work for- and which anti-Christ Do You Want in Office? The creative class, once the pinnacle of all that came before, has been broken down into a commodity shuffled around in the stock market and in the banks. I see a wall built around Wal Street before I do the Mexican border, stagnating culture into a new Dark Ages for the next thousand years.

It’s unfortunate that the financial institutions dissolved from their humble origins of protecting the poor, helping Christians with a safe passage into the Holy Land and securing the profits of foreign merchants. The only reason theseTemplar banks in Jerusalem worked was because the Templars had integrity and the people trusted them. The Medici Family of Florence during the Italian Renaissance is another example of wealthy financiers who also acted as the patrons behind the men who ushered in this golden age.  The only secrets today’s secret societies are keeping hidden away are these enlightened origins from the power driven minds of the Big Eyes levitating above our cultural pyramid.

The problem with the Financial Institutions is an age old story, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I assume that the problem is the age old problem that faces all institutions- when the passing of the role of leadership is either hereditary or overthrown by reactive leadership instead of based on the best man for the position or usurped by Enlightened Leadership.

This reactive leadership has reached dangerous levels in today’s world to the point where the very attitude of reactive thinking from a financial standpoint especially, has become the standard norm instead of as the dangerous caution. This era of economic oppression is nonsustainable in our current state of environmental wastefulness. The corruption needs to come to in end before we spiral this planet down into complete destitution. That is the inevitable path we are currently leading.

The problem is not opulence. The problem is extreme opulence for few leads to extreme decadence for all. Wealth becomes a superficial reality where materialism distracts spiritual concerns and concerns with the heart. The Egyptian Pharaohs believed that the Heart had to be as Light as a Feather, weighed by Anubis and recorded by Thoth in the afterlife.

This materialistic thinking over spiritual growth is a major concern with the rapid evolution of technology. Enlightened Leadership in technology fields is urgent more than ever before. Reactive Leadership utilizes technology as a form of power control instead of as a way to empower the neighborhood. I like to joke about robots in the future becoming the new middle class.

The renaissance of the future will have to be renewable energy, micro farming, and mass hemp cultivation on a global scale. We’ll have to recycle our current waste and focus on high-quality goods and services, high culture, and scientific breakthroughs to propel us into the centuries to come.

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