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The Occult Lives of Histories Greatest Minds

April 7, 2017

A list of 10 renowned Intellectual’s throughout History deep into the Occult.

This list attempts to shine some light on the dark corners of the lives of some of World Histories most famous genius.  It attempts to show that all great intellectuals have only one common element- their interest in the subjects and sciences we refer to as Occult. Here are ten famous souls who utilized this resource to great effect.


Image of China’s most Wishful Thinker

Confucious: China’s most famous philosopher. Confucious is well known for his Socratic-like parables found in his most famous work, The Analects. However, Confucious is equally well known in ancient Spiritual centers for his contributions to the I Ching, a secret Chinese manuscript of Wisdom that applies Algorithms.


The Irony is that the I Ching is common in China, but Occult everywhere but the most populated country in the world.

The text of the I Ching is so old that pieces of it were written on strips of Bamboo hundreds of years before paper. What Confucious did was write a commentary on the main body of the text that has become a standard extension of the text itself.

The work is common in China but until recent times, mostly unheard of in places like Europe and the Americas. The work is so obscure that one of the first copies to land on European shores was given to Leibniz whose work on algorithms mimicked the ones used in the I Ching. In America, Ralph Waldo Emmerson owned one of only three known English translations of the copy during the nineteenth century. [1]



“Hey, Aristotle isn’t the Occult awesome?”       “Yo. Plato. Keep that on the down-low.”


Plato: The beloved student of Socrates and Teacher of Aristotle. Plato is most well known for his large body of written manuscripts that include the very occult work Timaeus which deals with the sinking of the lost city of Atlantis. He’s also famous for his Spiritual Mysticism in the creation of the Platonic Solids. Plato is said to have belonged to the Pythagorean Brotherhood and most certainly, the Eleusinian Mysteries. [2]


archimedes alchemy connection

The Elixer of Life musta been some good stuff with an expression like that.


Archimedes: Famous Greek Mathematician famous for his Eureka moment where he jumped out his bath and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked shouting in joy. But what we’re not told is that what Archimedes figured out was a way to measure gold. This was because a major issue in the ancient world at the time was taking base metal and making it look like gold.

Archimedes learned that through his Hydrostatic breakthrough. He could drop a king’s crown into a bucket of water and measure its weight. His breakthrough was one of the biggest in the world of Alchemy because it could be used to determine if the gold made to use the crown was pure or not. This was because of the Alchemist stone, a process that turned base metals into gold, or at least in ancient standards, real enough to fool even a king. [3]


pentagram-agrippa-da vinci- hermetic alchemy

Image of Archimedes running through those dark Sicilian streets. JK. Such images predate Leonardo Di Vinci’s Vitruvian Man sneaky symbolism.


Leonardo Di Vinci: I know little about di Vinci’s actual occult practices. He was more of a Hermit and seemed to care more about his work than about the general social scene. His Hermetic influences are certainly seen in his famous drawing, The Vitruvian Man which is a symbol used by Hermetic Alchemists during the Late Middle Ages. It was later adopted by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which has had a profound impact on modern Occultism. [4]


newton alchemy

Issac Newton tripping hard on Alchemy listening to Dark Side of the Moon


Sir. Issac Newton: We can all agree that Sir. Issac Newton is without a doubt one of the most brilliant individuals whoever lived. He invented calculus and revolutionized modern physics. The man was without a doubt, a nerd. And like most legendary nerds, especially the ones on this list. Newton was an Alchemist and also a biblical numerologist. [5]



Nice apron Ben, I wonder whatcha cooking?


Benjamin Franklin: Franklin’s activity focused heavily in secret societies especially Freemasonry. Franklin was the Grand Master of the Philidelphia branch of Freemasonry. BF joined St. John’s Lodge back in 1731 and was later appointed Grand Master Mason of the Provincial Grand Lodge on June 24, 1734. His Freemasonic activities also expanded abroad where he was appointed Provincial Grand Master during a 1760 meeting in London. In 1778, Benjamin Franklin assisted Voltaire in his initiation into the Paris Nine Sisters Lodge. [6]


sir arthur conan doyle coming of the faries victorian spiritalist

So, I guess the Sherlock Holmes Creator had a thing for Faries, literally, even wrote a book about it.


Arthur Conan Doyle: Doyle belonged to a British literary society interested in Supernatural research called the ghost club. Doyle once broke off a friendship with magician Harry Houdini who was trying to disprove the supernatural. He later joined a powerful occult organization called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn whose members included W.B. Yeats and Aleister Crowley. [7]


nicola-tesla occultism

I usually don’t drink but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.


Nikola Tesla: Tesla began his scientific career as a rational thinker influenced by the famous Indian texts known as the Vedas. However, after a strange dream where he witnessed his mother ascending from the Earth in the form of an angel, at around the same time as his mother’s death, invented the spirit radio to try to speak to the dead. He also claimed to have been contacted by aliens. [8]



Forever Jung.


Carl Jung: Famous Psychologist and rival of Seugmond Freud who took Freud’s work to the next level. Jung was deep into spiritual teachings that deal with consciousness development. For Jung, there isn’t an occult subject that he doesn’t seem to tackle: Alchemy, Tantric Yoga, Gnosticism, you name it. It should be no surprise that when the Egyptians uncovered a large body of Gnostic texts, Jung bought a lot of the codexes for research. [9]


jack parsons strange angel

I think the demons are communicating through his hair.


Jack Parsons: Famous Rocket Engineer famous for his work in jet propulsion and rocket fuel that had a major influence on NASA. Parson’s was also a member of the O.T.O. and influenced by the works of Aliester Crowley. He also knew writer L. Ron Hubbard who would later write Dianetics, the spiritual teachings of Scientology. [10]

Honorable Mentions: Albert Einstein, L. Ron Hubbard, Thomas Jefferson, Voltaire, Aristotle, W.B. Yeats, Fransisco Goya, Jabir ibn Hayyan, Francois Bacon.

The Occult influences on some of histories greatest minds make sense. The vast majority are scientists and engineers with the exception of maybe Doyle who was also a Doctor, needed to expand consciousness as a way to open their minds to new possibilities. The natural behavior of this type of personality is also generally curious in nature and such subjects would have been exlpored for answers or at least guidance towards answers. Thank you.

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