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The Occult Life of Comedian Bill Hicks

April 11, 2017

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The Occult Life of Bill Hicks

The Documentary film, American: The Bill Hicks Story, mentions that while in high school, Bill Hicks was influenced by Asian Religion especially Buddhism.  The documentary also accounts for the time Bill took a heroic dosage of Magic Mushrooms and was visited by aliens who took them in their space ship and told him that all consciousness was one and immortal.

This sounds strange until you realize his contemporaries include guys like the late radio personality Bill Cooper, who’s occult show the Hour of the Time aired a segment on an earlier broadcast where Cooper predicted the 9/11 attack, as proof of what he’s been saying about the government lying to us. The public out lash from his neighbors alone was disruption enough to bring in the police with a warrant on tax evasion where he resisted arrest, putting a bullet through the deputies eyes before being executed in retaliation.

Bill has become such an iconic cult figure in recent times that one of his late contemporaries Alex Jones the popular Gun Nut anti-Government New World Order Conspiracy Theorist and internet News personality infamous for his raw footage of The Bohemian Grove is thought to be Bill Hicks. Alex Jones exposes the conspiracy in an episode of his show InfoWars . The shocking thing is that not all conspiracy theorist aren’t convinced, leaving a crude insult to Hicks family but also a grim reminder of Bill’s status as an Occult figure.

This is because Bill Hicks’ jokes about the fears that troubled white suburban America at the time: The New World Order, Overpopulation, Street Gangs, Serial Killers, and the Meaning of Life are capsulated in other gems like Sane Man and Relentless; and studio albums like Arizona Bay, and Rant in E Minor. His fears also encapsulate spiritual dilemmas that include Satan, Drugs and the Decline of American Culture.

His Arizona Bay album, a joke about California crashing into the ocean, became a hit with Progressive Occult Metal band Tool whose album Aenima plays tribute. The album also includes recordings from several of Hicks specials including Dangerous and Revelations. It should also be noted that Tool’s Drummer Danny Carey, a huge fan of Hicks, was also influenced by legendary Occultist Aliester Crowley.

Bill Hicks was also a Social Activist. In a rare interview on the Texas Independent Music show, Capziz, Bill Hick’s comments that his jokes are based on the books of Noam Chomsky, one of America’s leading intellectuals of Linguistics, Philosophy and the Social Sciences. Bill also produces rare footage he took while at the Waco Texas incident that proves that the US Government was responsible for the deaths of the Christian Commune. The newspapers claimed at the time that the government shot pepper spray that ignited upon entrance. Hicks’ video shows the US tanks using flame throwers, an outright lie that Bill Hicks reveals on the show.

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