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10 Rumors Everyone should Spread about Bills Hicks

April 14, 2017

To keep the Occult Tradition of Bill Hicks alive. I decided to generate ten rumors I hope you all spread for mirth and good cheer.

  1. Bill Hicks faked his death and now makes a living as a famous Elvis impersonator.
  2. As an infant, his lips were rubbed with honey.
  3. Alex Jones is Bill Hick’s weird alien love child.
  4. Noam Chomsky met Bill Hicks in a dream.
  5. Bill Hicks once shapeshifted into a werewolf and finger banged George Carlin’s wife.
  6. Bill Hicks is known to have shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
  7. Bill was assassinated by alcohol and the Bush family trust fund.
  8. Mitch Hedberg met Bill Hicks on the crossroads.
  9. Muhammad is not the last prophet, Bill Hicks is.
  10. His ghost still haunts Dennis Leary’s jokes.

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