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I Phones of the Near Future

April 14, 2017 , , ,


Soon, the new I Phone will be made from a thin sheet of glass. Soon, we’ll be able to carry are phones literally in our wallets. The percentage of cellphone breakage will drastically decrease.

Except instead of breakage, we’ll have to worry about our phones blowing away like leaves in the wind. The oceans will become polluted with lost cellphones. Imagine living on an island made of cellphones with no one to talk too.

Hash tag, Lol. What’s next, the Irock. Not, to be mistaken with Iraq.It acts as a paper weight. It includes, a built in smart microphone. Now, the government can listen in on your private conversation with your cat.

“No, Itchy Whisker’s. I will not mention the new memoir you just wrote titled, Eat. Play. Sleep. Getting the Most Out of Life. Damn cat. Your book sold 10,000 copies in one night!  I must admit, your metaphor for life being found at the bottom of the saucer dish was quite brilliant; its been a huge influence ever since”.

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March 1, 2015

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